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In this video, Mr.Canucks Grow shows us his 100% organic cannabis grow! – Indoor gardening Video Submitted By: FREE HEMP WICK: SPONSORED BY: Twisted Bee Products shown/mentioned in this video: LED grow light- Coco Coir- Plastic grow pots- Yellow sticky traps- ►Grow Equipment: The BEST tools and equipment for growing! Mr. Grow It’s recommended equipment: ► Learn How To Grow! Beginner eBook!: Advanced eBook!: Website: ►Get seeds: Seeds from 3 reliable seed banks! HUGE variety and good deals! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @BestHomeGrow @MrGrowIt Just Grow It is a Community Channel. Viewers submit videos and the best videos get featured. SUBMISSION: If you want to submit a video to this YouTube channel, simply fill in the SUBMIT form located on our website at: If you are a business and would like to sponsor us or for us to endorse your product, please email: Video Rating: / 5 Well this will be interesting to watch and see how it all works out in the long run. Since these little LED strip lights claim to produce a 6000K light they should work slightly better than the 5000K ones for the shelf above. These little LED lights only cost about on amazon here in Canada so they’re probably even cheaper elsewhere! So far I’m happy with how bright they are but we shall wait and see what the plants have to say after a few weeks. Thanks for watching! Have you sub’d yet? –… Some of the other channels, if you’re interested …. BlondCo Entertainment : JTs Bearfoot Outdoor Adventures : Bear InTheKitchen : Clean Valley Farms : Or why not check out the blogs? Mr Bears Photos – Talk-qua-ponics- […]

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  • Just Grow It 6 months ago

    LED grow light-
    Coco Coir-

    Other equipment I recommend->

  • NCS Sounds 6 months ago

    great work

  • kristen gossett 6 months ago

    ladies look good

  • Joe Barrett 6 months ago

    whats the new seed banks name???

  • Sgt. Stedanko 6 months ago

    looking good bro. Keep it up. Let me know what you think of my grow. Thanks man. My youtube name is Sgt. Stedanko Keep growing.

  • David Catalan 6 months ago

    nice grow..

  • Mr.Canucks Grow 6 months ago

    AHAH thanks for supporting Mr.Grow It. Appreciate all the hard work you do behind he scenes. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Catch you on the next one, until then keep the peace.

  • Ribo 0042 6 months ago

    good set up….subscribe to mine I do my 5×5 tents weekly updates im new to led

  • Jack Mehoff 6 months ago

    crop king is a good seed company. growing there new durban poison and very impressed. 4 weeks into flower and 5 feet tall. smell great. not every single seed will ever be the same. but nice setup.

  • OMG 420 6 months ago

    man my mouth is watering…..need to get my grow set…..

  • FrostyShark420 6 months ago

    whats seed bank is that?

  • Anton Chapman 6 months ago

    nice variety of plants

  • ttfidrat 6 months ago

    As a new utuber, please refrain from saying "that said", or "that being said".

  • Jay b 6 months ago

    looking good man loving the variety you got yourself a new subscriber

  • Brown Dog 6 months ago

    Do you leave the lights on all the time or 12 on 12 off, just wondering as i just planted abunch on the weekend. This will be my first try at starting seeds indoors this early. I will be shopping for some lights very soon.

  • KaleidoscopeJunkie 6 months ago

    Joey at – King of DIY – has some great, inexpensive ways to LED light aquariums.
    One involves vinyl gutters and reflective tape. Good luck !

  • Punky Rooster 6 months ago

    I look forward to seeing updates about this. I had considered those LED strips for growlights, but was wasn't sure the individual LED were powerful enough.

  • Krystal Perron 6 months ago

    that's AMAZING!!! , smart , spectacular and cool!!!!!! that was very interesting!!!!!!!

  • 8Jory 6 months ago

    what's wrong with cheap and redneck?! I go for crude and effective. one warning though, from experience, unless you got the water proof version those lights reeeeaaally hate moisture. just be cautious with misting / spraying the plants under them and you should be alright.

  • RosieCheeks 6 months ago

    Does it really matter what it looks like? I think it is AWESOME. Great idea!

  • Sir. Cracker's Garden 6 months ago

    here's to hoping

  • TheEmptynester planting Seeds of Hope 6 months ago

    Hi, Jt. I hope it works well for ya.

  • L. J. Bush 6 months ago

    That looks like it might be good but I think it would be better if you stuck them on something with a highly reflective surface like a mirror or a polished sheet of aluminum. I hope it works good for you.

  • Grown at Home in WV 6 months ago

    Man I don't care what anyone else thinks, that's freggin awesome. Actually kinda impressive. Need to get you down here to WV to see what we ideas we can come up with. lol Get Rev up here too. This could get interesting.

  • Chad The Walrus 6 months ago

    Creative and innovative idea! As my late father always said "if it's stupid and it works, then it's not stupid "

  • GreenGo's Fish&Inverts 6 months ago

    Just a little bit longer JT! I'm looking forward to starting my permaculture garden (small scale in my parent's front yard lining their lawn) to see how that goes this season. I'll definitely be planting some peppers so we can do that experiment if you'd still like to! Sorry it's taken so long, but life's really taken over…

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing the results of this experiment and the one with the pumpkin!!

  • New Beginnings Farmstead 6 months ago

    Wow great idea !

  • YVRSURF 6 months ago

    Was looking at lamps in Canadian tire the other day was surprised to see compact fluorescent at 6000k no other retailer had 6000k lamps

  • antonio matos 6 months ago

    very inventive JT

  • treewolf37 6 months ago

    Good info for my indoor growing growing. Good light costs energy money. Moving after 14 years, what a shock but have found a place only three river miles away. Moving life Dogs Cats Fish Chickens Plants Daughter~~~~ Glad its close!!

  • Matt S 6 months ago

    link to the lights? thanks