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See the top 10 gardening mistakes all gardeners make and how to correct them. This episode focuses on vegetable gardening. Here are the top 10 problems and how to correct them: 1. Soil preparation and nutrients – Plants need water, sunlight and nutrition to grow. Make sure you are providing all these to your vetetable plants. This advice will let you grow plants to their full potential. 2. Letting plants go root bound – Never let your plants go root bound. Inspect your plants every 2-3 years and repot them if necessary. Prune the roots, use a new potting mix and water well! 3. Calcium deficiency in peppers and eggplants – Blossom end rot is a common problem with tomatoes and peppers. By adding a calcium rich fertilizer, you can avoid blossom end rot in these vegetables 4. Feeding high nitrogen to edible roots – Root plants like radisha nd carrots must not be fed high nitrogen fertilizers. Doing so will result in a lot of foliage but no roots. 5. Over watering – Stop watering onions 2-3 weeks before harvest. If you over water onions whent hey are forming bulbs, the skin will start rotting 6. Harvesting prematurely – wait for the plant to finish its life before harvesting. With premature harvests, the plant has not grown to its full potential 7. Cauliflower problems – Cauliflower suffers from 2 problems – insect damage and buttoning. Insect problems like aphids can be avoided by spraying the plant with soapy water on the first sign of seeing insects. Buttoning can be avoided by planting in cooler weather and avoiding high nitrogen fertilizers 8. Not providing sunlight for plants – Always grow plants in sunlight. Most vegetable plants need 6-8 hours of sunlight 9. Planting in the incorrect season – Plant crops […]

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  • Akshi Reddy Ravula 1 year ago

    Very secular even to the beginers

  • andreaskye 1 year ago

    In the last 3 year since I moved in next door to my parents to help them with their small farm either myself or my Dad have committed most of these mistakes.
    I was not of aware of the too much nitrogen issue with root crops until now. But he makes a very rich soil mix for all the raised beds and this very well may be the issue. Our green beans are not producing and I had read that could be their issue as well.
    Thanks for this informative video. Back to the old drawing board.

  • MrsDomyan 1 year ago

    thank you, you do the most helpful videos! I'm suffering from tomato bottom rot. thank you again for the suggestion.

  • Glenn Luteraan 1 year ago

    I like how your videos are short and factual (to the point) as many videos are so full of extra fluff or redundant information. Thank you. Very informative.

  • The Ghetto Gardener 1 year ago

    I'm a new gardener, and this video was really helpful! Thank you!

  • Lauren Coyle 1 year ago

    Thank you now I know why our tomatoes keep getting blossom end rot!!! We go through so many eggs too, good think I finally started adding them to our compost a month ago! I will probably go get a fertilizer to get us by the next 5 months though.

  • LUANNE luongo 1 year ago

    I have been gardening for many years and I have run into those issues in past but now for the fist time I am having an issue with wilting.  No matter how much I water some of my plants are wilting.  The other problem I am having this year is the size of my peppers they are very small this year.  I am in Massachusetts and we are in a medium drought so my usual watering habits are out the window.  If you can attack thee two issues  Id be grateful.  I like your videos.  You do a good job getting to the point and showing the problem thank you

  • Olga Purrylenko 1 year ago

    Very good and informative. Thank you.

  • Patricia Sias 1 year ago

    I saw a video where they used crushed tums dissolved in water for quick fix, but have not tried it.

  • Dawn Canterberry 1 year ago

    Great video, now I know what's going on with my peppers and tomatoes, calcium deficiency !!!

  • Sonnie's Garden 1 year ago

    Great advice, Thanks!

  • Warren Calvo 1 year ago

    I live in Los Angeles and it gets really hot during the summer and have a hard time keeping the tomatoes alive. When I notice the burn marks on the actual tomato I bought shade fabric and all my plants seem to be doing much better. But since this is shade that just blocks the uv rays but let's some light through, is this enough for the summer. Is this adequate sunlight?

  • Suzan Khodanian 1 year ago

    my squash leaves are halh yellow and brown what wrong with it?

  • Sue Mel1 1 year ago

    It was really nice watching your video and seeing that your tips come from your real life experience. Many YouTube videos are full of "passed on" information, as opposed to actual personal experience. I enjoy your videos. I just wish we were in similar zones… (zone 5)

  • Niklez7 1 year ago

    do you have any upcoming videos of the watermelon plant which you had in video.
    I usualy buy seeds from sellers with similar climate. if you think seeds like blueprint of the plant
    i once tried buying seeds from India and China to grow Camellia sinensis and that proofs you can not grow it indoor in cold climate. none of them surived throw two months. i think its one plant i havent managed to grow. I live in Polar Zone.

  • Gillenz Fluff 1 year ago

    Irregular watering can cause blossom end rot.

  • Kristineh06 1 year ago

    My cucumbers would flowers but then the whole bulb including the flowers would break off. I've been trying to figure out what's causing it to do that.

  • rferfgerer 1 year ago

    great video. hey i was wondering if you could do a video about gardening for beginners. i would really like to start gardening but i have no idea what to do. btw i am from singapore

  • Jerilyn Holland 1 year ago

    You make very good videos. I've seen most of them

  • Sandy F. 1 year ago

    Great video.