10 Vegetable Gardening Mistakes and How to Avoid Them | Gardening Tips and Gardening Hacks! (2020)

10 Vegetable Gardening Mistakes and How to Avoid Them | Gardening Tips and Gardening Hacks! A look at the gardening errors I have made during 2020 and simple ways to avoid gardening mistakes like these.

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Byther Farm is a small organic homestead, designed and managed using permaculture practices. We aim for self-sufficiency in fruit and vegetables for increased self reliance and better resilience to the modern world. I recognise that we are unlikely to be truly self sufficient, but do the best we can. I share our home with my loving partner, Mr J and our cat, Monty.
We are a fifty-something couple who live on a smallholding in Monmouthshire, Wales. We are going green and creating a gentler, cleaner and more healthy life for our family.
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We keep chickens and Aylesbury ducks.

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10 Vegetable Gardening Mistakes and How to Avoid Them | Gardening Tips and Gardening Hacks! (2020)

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    Oh I'm laughing so hard…it's like looking in a mirror. Only difference is that the huge dandelion you pulled is what I would consider a fantastic meal! Big hugs!

  • Christine Susan Wise

    I love how you forget to weed certain areas and dead head things that’s why I love watching your videos so natural

  • Jeannine Caland

    All of this is so recognisable! Our allotment is much smaller than your garden, but we have started making a list of all things we need to do. It really helps us remembering and prioritising and it gives great satisfaction to cross things off!

  • Ann Burge

    One of my biggest learning experiences was realising that more plants and parts of plants were edible… boiled mulbury leaves, pumpkin leaves, dandelions, purslane, pomegranate tips, malva, clover, wood sorrel, asthma plant, couch grass root, cucumber leaves, wild mustard flowers, carrot tops, beet tops, raddish tops, birch leaves, grape leaves, pine needle tea, olive leaf tea…. and I was hung up with wasting an overgrown zucchini while pulling out dandelions… suddenly I realised I had wasted piles and piles of food and at the same time visiting the supermarket.

  • Michael Skelton

    I love the look of the borage plant. I found a wild one growing at the edge of a field and I couldn't believe how vibrant the flowers was.

  • sunshine

    Love your garden! Love your videos! Thank you for sharing your mishaps. Makes us newbie gardners not feel so bad. Your knowledge helps me learn so much!

  • Martyn Skillings

    Oh Liz! – Mistake No 3 – I sighed deeply when I watched it. I lost my entire brassica seedling in 2019 because I didn't think the CWs would be interested in anything so small.. Wrong. They ate the lot! Did I learn? Well, sort of. Cabbage family well protected in 2020 but I didn't check my Swede plants and carefully netted in a lot of eggs! Caterpillar picking isn't the greatest fun! Know what yo mean about the weeds! 'A stitch in time' comes to mind but I don't always get that first stitch right. As for the rainwater, we seem to be having a stop-start year. One day my water butts and their overflow bins were full – they were soon emptied in the heatwaves. I''m making the installation of my IBC and shed roof extension a late Autumn/Winter project to hopefully not waste – especially as we are on a meter! A very helpful and encouraging vid (as usual). Thanks – Paul

  • garden boots

    It did my heart GOOD – to see how readily you share your wisdom of what you've gleaned from your missteps! Thank you πŸ™‚
    I was chuckling along with you. I have done similar things.

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