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This video is a part of a series of videos developed by Ensoftec for the design of SWM facilities for land disturbance projects in VA based on DCR criteria. Design of Green Roofs using SWMSOFTVA is presented in this video. Video Rating: / 5 This is the first episode of my new series where I really focus on how to do a particular part of a building, and I start on one of the most important and most struggled with, the roof. If you like this series idea, please let me know. Thank you all for your support recently, it’s huge. What do you want to see next? Twitter: Twitch: I use the replay mod to get the great camera angles: Related PostsGreen Revolution Series: Green RoofsGreen Roofs Sustainable Engineering and DesignPrairie Green RoofSika Sarnafil Green RoofsGrowing a Greener World – Green Roofs Rooftop GardensGreen Roofs – Green Revolution


Green Roofs


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  • Partha Sarathi 1 year ago

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  • Genesect Gaming 1 year ago

    The last one looks like a boat sorta

  • hulabulia1329 1 year ago

    tip for rugged tiled roof thing, use carpets, to not make it over rugged

  • Super Robloxian 1 year ago

    this was made 2 days before my bday

  • scribblz 1 year ago

    hi fam.

  • Viisualization Playz 1 year ago

    build school : FLAGS?

  • Dosky Design 1 year ago

    1 and 3 is nice

  • Megan Raphael 1 year ago

    Say lol if you have a phone lol

  • Megan Raphael 1 year ago


  • Megan Raphael 1 year ago

    Say taco yum if your a gamer
    Taco yum

  • Megan Raphael 1 year ago

    Say taco if you are a kid

  • Michael Fisher 1 year ago

    Grian I just wanted to say This Vid was AMASING it realyyy Helps i just wanted to say Thanks :D

  • BANANA 1 year ago

    The over hang could be the Viking roof just add the hang and boom it looks amazing I have tried it and hope you guys think that it is easier

  • sgt marrero98 1 year ago

    This examples are great! But I do recommend that you should add more ideas of roofs if possible. :)

  • alvinmonster 1 year ago


  • Othello gaming 1 year ago

    The 3rd one, i used that long before i watched Grian, but i thought i was just bad, but it was beacuse of the house, not the roof.

  • Jene Woo Yang 1 year ago

    Nice, Grian! It helped me a lot!

  • jonas van hees 1 year ago

    I used the first one for my sky factory house and it looks awesome!

  • brian duenas 1 year ago

    Pig talls

  • brian duenas 1 year ago


  • Evan Sotnak 1 year ago

    grian:let your imagination spark!
    me: help me 911 911 my imagination is sparking im gonna be board the rest of my life
    grian: thats not what i ment
    me:pls grian your mis speeling and mine are not helping im gonna die
    911:*hangs up*
    me:help anyone