Allowing kids to help in the garden can spark their inquisitive nature and love for the environment.

And since there are always things that need doing in the garden, it’s a great way to get the children involved while enjoying some fresh air.

To know which tasks are safe for them to do, here are the ten best gardening chores for kids.

Table of Contents
0:22 #01 Weeding
0:40 #02 Deadheading flowers
1:00 #03 Watering
1:18 #04 Feeding birds
1:38 #05 Raking
1:57 #06 Digging
2:16 #07 Mowing the lawn
2:35 #08 Collecting snails
2:54 #09 Growing
3:12 #10 Picking fruits and vegetables

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10 Best Garden Chores for Kids – Gardening Activities For Kids

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