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“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”
In this episode from Delightful Souvenirs, I want to show you scenes from the Garden in September. Summer is saying its goodbyes and fall is coming to visit. I hope you enjoy this beautiful sights.


01:10 Organic produce (fruits and vegetables).
01:25 Health benefits of gardening (reduce stress levels and lower blood pressure).
03:25 Positive attitude and gratefulness
05:25 Gardening can be done in a way to give physical activity (exercise).
05:48 Benefits for the Elderly
Gardening provides an antidote to pain and frustration.
07:50 Benefits on Mental Health
08:26 Help for recovery from Illness.
11:00 Help for Family’s economic needs
12:00 Pleasant change of pace for office workers.

12:32 Nutritious food for the table.
12:59 Benefits of gardening for children.

Let’s encourage gardening!


This channel highlights little bits and pieces of life in New Brunswick, Canada in the areas of gardening, cooking and self-growth; documenting life’s little moments as souvenirs as reminders of many blessings we can be grateful for. It is my hope to present these delightful souvenirs in an entertaining and educational way. I hope that you will enjoy my videos as much as I enjoyed preparing and editing them. My endeavour is produce videos that are worth your precious time.

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Delightful Souvenirs

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10 Benefits of Gardening | Garden Scenes in September, New Brunswick Canada | Delightful Souvenirs

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