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If you’ve ever lost vegetable plants to a pest or fought a voracious weed in the garden, then you’ve experienced firsthand how tenacious nature can be… Well, here’s the thing: Your vegetable and herb plants are just as resilient and persistent as all the pests, weeds, and diseases out there. It may not feel or seem that way at times, but they are! Oftentimes, even a crop that appears decimated, can recover just fine. But what if you thought your whole crop was decimated when it really was okay? You could lose a perfectly good harvest! 🙁 Check out this video where one of my Harvest Club students thought she lost her whole crop and would have lost a ton of food before she discovered the truth. Plus, holy kale! Check out what I found on my microphone during the making of this video! Related PostsSuccession Planting: How to Harvest More From Your Vegetable Garden10 Ways to Make your Vegetable Garden More Productive in 2017…and Beyond!Recycling for the Garden: Upcycling Items for a More Productive Vegetable GardenDeer in the Garden eating the Beets !!! Vegetable Soup Recipe and more container gardening saladWhat are the Easiest Edible Flowers to Grow? & More Vegetable Gardening Q&ABest Vegetable to Grow for Indoor Gardening & More Organic Gardening Q&A

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  • Jackie Horsley 4 weeks ago

    my mint plant has been very resilient Its so tuff It just keeps growing and never gives up

  • MsTooteh 4 weeks ago

    I have two fig trees that I repotted (poorly) in the middle of the summer, which caused both of them to struggle. I went to my mother's house for a week, so I brought the one that was doing a little bit better with me, and left the other one, which was doing so badly that it was dropping its leaves, to die (poor thing). While at my mother's house, an animal tipped over my potted fig tree during the night and pawed through the soil. I was devastated. I repotted it in tears, certain that both young trees (less than a year old) would die. However, within a month, with only a couple waterings a week, both of them had returned to full strength and put out new leaves and continued their growth. I couldn't believe it! I was amazed by their sheer desire to grow. At that time I was going through a very painful miscarriage and was struggling to get through each day, and the day that I saw them thrive I suddenly had this thought that has stuck with me ever since: "I'm made of the same stuff." It gave me the strength I needed, knowing that although life sometimes knocks me over, I have the same innate desire to grow and thrive that these plants do. It was a really big moment for me.

  • ashy slashy 4 weeks ago


  • ashy slashy 4 weeks ago


  • Edasun victor 4 weeks ago

    Whats the best way to liquify neem

  • Leila Mireskandari 4 weeks ago

    Oh… LOVED this Stacey. Thank you! I honestly couldn't agree more! <3