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! 600 watt hps scrog tent and 1 450 watt led tent 4×4 & 2×4 I like to call them my “CHEAP SH!T” Ask any questions and I will try to answer them. LET’S GROW! New 400 watt hps 1 light 1 Tree! Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts6 Week Volksgarden Test with Hydro Grow’s Vertical LightNutriculture Hydroponic System Best Hydroponic System For Grow Tents Tent Hydro System Silver BoxHydroponic Grow Light Kit Guide | Yield Lab Hydro ReviewComplete Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit System – Week 4 Grow Journal | Ebb and Flow Horticulture GardenNew Hydroponic Grow Tent Setup – Cucumber Plants Spreading!#25 – How to setup a hydroponic Grow Tent, don’t make beginners mistakes, as seen on TV

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  • Stephen Bates 1 year ago

    this dude is definitely from they maryland/ D.C area.

  • PuertoricanPatriot1 1 year ago

    Yo some reflectors on those cfls would do u wonders. you wouldnt ahve to put them nearly as close and those things can get hot.

  • Isaak Isaking 1 year ago

    I got a 600watt hps need help

  • Bro 420 1 year ago

    hey guys check out my 1st vid I put to start my grow room tent. please check it out and show love as a community.

  • Z. MaGoot 1 year ago

    look at that shit raisin up on the edges move your lights away

  • alexszukala 1 year ago

    Bubble Buckets are best.

  • John Othic 1 year ago

    Nice setup – I was thinking something very similar – same heavy duty box too haha.

  • Mick Gepford 1 year ago

    use a second trellis

  • westbmorekid 1 year ago

    What's up terminal cola, this is west bmore kid. New to the grow community but I'm getting my grind on. My first grow was super silver x og kush. Surprisingly I got a couple ozzies from it. I'm now on my second grow nebula; super cropped and lolly popped. Looking foward to some assistance from you , would be appreciated

  • TwoHigh 1 year ago

    Nice grow bro! Solute!

  • Jake Duggins 1 year ago

    man a word of advice lower the plant down way to close to light

  • CUS cober negvu 1 year ago

    your a half ass grower that's whats up keep it going bro but remember that hydro is going to give you up to 33% more weight and up to 33% bigger of a plant hydro is fun but dirt will always be your friend remember that factor when growing your next dwc and running all those tents is a big wast of energy one veg tent and one flowering tent maybe a small one for your clones but i throw mine in my veg tent. Anyways stay medicated and keep growing you'll get better.

  • Matthew Goldsmith 1 year ago

    scrogging is supporting your branches or your buds you can do it outdoors as well I've seen 15 foot plants with a strong 10 feet and one at like 14 or 15 cuz when they stretch and buddingthey can get pretty big and heavy! sativas will stretch and reach the freakish sky lol! but there's worries Ways to make a big bush that's 3 – 5 feet an u get just as much…well I don't know about 15 foot 20 foot around outdoor trees lol look up the mendo dope..he's a white boy who raps and his boy makes beats their complete partners in there grows and when they colab with music…check them out they grow trees and he completely raps about the weed culture in Mendocino California the Emerald triangle! lucky bastards grow indoors and outdoors all year round! can do that where I'm from

  • Matthew Goldsmith 1 year ago

    yo I just checked out your videos spitting rhymes you are lyric inclined homie…I'm from Boston and I know a lot of people who ride sing and rhyme I'm A grower aswell straight weed nerd! and YouTube fan…stay up on your vids with your gross and you music you killing it straight up stay medicated my canafam…

  • Tucker1Nonly 1 year ago

    how long u veg the tall one for?

  • Tim Irvin 1 year ago

    What does "Scrog" mean?

  • Anthony W 1 year ago

    Wat is dwc

  • Jonathan Handel 1 year ago

    omg… just quit