Join me as I share 3 grow light mistakes to avoid when growing vegetable seedlings indoors. I’ll also answer your questions LIVE – so get them ready!

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  • Thoai Anh Dinh

    One thing I'd like to understand is the bulbs are usually 40W, mine is actually 150W, so they cannot be used with desk lamp and clamp one that you and therustedgarden use … is there another way because I actually have really good CFL bulbs but can't use with any lamp I have at home :/

  • SJ McQueen

    before I finish watching the video I have invested sometime into a company called or can only that uses organic products the name of this product is called nectar of the gods I don't know if you heard of this product but I want to know if that's okay to use organic products is it real good to have please let me know yours truly coming from Southfield Michigan and thank you for answering this


    Just moved from a house with solar power to one without and am suffering from electric bill shock. the first house with solar had balanced power and this house on a ranch has only electric and even the water is pumped from the well with electric. Get my drift. We are concerned that grow lights will put the electric bill out of our reach. How much power do the lights consume per month?

  • Yary Sa

    CaliKim I love your videos. I’ve learned a lot about gardening. I would like your recommendation on heating mats; which brand is the best? Thank you.

  • CustomGardenSolutions

    The milk jug stabilizer is genius.
    Not to be a know it all but some plants are ok with 24 hours of light. I think broccoli and cauliflower can take it but tomatoes and peppers cant. It may have to do with flowering plants.

  • Jeannie Scarber

    Some one mentioned milk jugs with sand? I tried lookin up what that is on yours and Gary’s videos.. what is that about?

  • Mc Mc

    Calikim, I have a question. We started this year doing the grow lights. Everything doing well. However I notice fungus ( white/gray color) on some of the soil. How do I get rid of that. Help

  • Patrick Forsyth

    Thanks for a great video, I went into the shop today with your specifications at 12:56 and bought two flourescent lights 4000K and 3500 lumens / 38W. I had to buy electric cable, two plugs and a double adapter, it all came to 30 euros about 30 dollars. Very happy with my setup now, thanks to your video. I'm growing vine cuttings to then pot off afterwards, once they have shoots and roots. Having lights now will help me start lots and lots of other stuff too. So excited. Your channel is cool, thanks again.

  • Jennycakes14

    What does hardening off mean and how do you do it? I am using a grow light box and have had to adjust my seeds higher because they are getting leggy thanks for the advice!

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