This weekend has been full of soccer games, family commitments and planting a tomato or two in my raised beds, finally, the ideal weather has arrived and I am in planting mode for the next couple of weeks!

I hope you guys enjoy!

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🌿🌿Planting my Small Urban Vegetable Garden in Zone 5

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  • Amy J Browne

    I recently found you and I’m so glad. Your videos are well put together and soothing. Plus it’s always nice to see someone else’s garden.

  • NeccoWecco

    For broken tomatoes you can cut them off at a node and plant it in the ground and it should root 🙂 I take tomato cutting and stick them in the ground and they root

  • Mary Glidden

    Such a great idea for the corner trellis using left over cattle panel. It's going to look great when it's all filled in with yumminess!

  • Harris Foster

    You are awesome and dedicated to your plant babies. We just started amending our vegetable barrels and extra large planter.
    That took my husband 7 hours today.
    We now have 10 home depot 5 gallon buckets and 12) 7 gallon pots to amend. Because we live in the Brooklyn NY. Very little earth to plant in. So we grow in barrels, pots and this year I'm trying grow bags for the first time.. Happy Gardening 2021.

  • Deborah Ryan

    Going to be great! Reminded me to get some marigolds for my veggie containers!!
    We are finally warming up this coming week in zone 6A – W Pa.

  • Miss Plantaholic

    I think its going to be so nice as it already looks!! I love your veggie arch and those red and yellow Marigolds!

  • Ultima771

    I think your vegetable garden and all you raised beds look fantastic. I don't have a large space either but I love mine just like you love yours! Jill

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