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Ron Finley, the community activist and self-proclaimed “Gangster Gardener” from South Central L.A., shares his self-taught techniques for finding your inner green thumb and experiencing the power of growing your own food in his new MasterClass on gardening. Learn how to turn everyday items into planters, keep houseplants alive and thriving, and grow a healthy, sustainable bounty no matter where you live.

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Ron Finley sparked a movement with one simple but determined decision: He turned a dried-up strip of land on a curbside in L.A. into a vegetable garden. He didn’t realize then that it would lead to a warrant for his arrest, but he fought back, helped get laws changed, and inspired others to see the transformational value of gardening and its power to change communities. Now the artist, designer, and avid gardener is teaching you how to change the world, one green space at a time, starting with your own home. Learn how to plant, grow, and maintain a thriving garden no matter where you live.

In this online class, you’ll learn about:
• Creating a garden in any home
• How to grow your own food
• Ideas for building community through gardening
• When to plant
• Growing herbs, greens, legumes, and sweet potatoes
• Creating planters with common household items
• Composting and improving soil
• Keeping houseplants alive and thriving
• Propagating your own plants
• Gardening as activism and a source of creativity

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🌸 Garden Design Part 1 ~ How to Design a Garden ~ Y Garden 🌸

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  • Garden Guru

    Trust me when I say that anyone who is watching this video is definetely "not bored." Don't apologize for teaching. 🙂 As someone who just likes to plant without planning, this is a great video. Thankyou.

  • Sarah B

    Thank you so much! This is so helpful. I don't feel so overwhelmed by the huge project and endless choices. Thank you so much!!

  • Joy Whitley

    This is so helpful! You helped me see the practical side of gardening…I’m one of those that just plops in pretty plants, but I’m trying to make a better plan! Blessings! ❤️

  • Meghan Butt

    Hey Yulia – thanks so much for this incredibly helpful video! Can I please ask how you would account for sun patterns changing throughout the year? Will there be an issue if planning a garden in winter and there being different sun patterns in summer when stuff is growing and you're outside more? Thanks! x


    Hi there, I've just started out gardening after the first UK lockdown and now heading in to garden design (mainly flower beds, shrubs, trees etc). I found this video really useful. It was exactly what I was looking for. Simple, informative and inspiring. Thank you. Subscribed!

  • Mila Beckman

    Thank you Yulia for the series, now I can have a foundation to built my garden design ideas. I spend soo much time agonizing over where and how I would place things in that "hazy" vision I have for my garden, lol, flower beds, walkways, etc. With your clear instructions and hands on explanation, I believe that both I and my garden will be in a better place.

  • Margie Perry

    Very informative. Very well structured presentation. How I wish we would have seen this 44 years ago when we would have been able to afford more and physically been able to do more. We are on just under one acre…alot to figure out….alot to do….. little by little… one can enjoy the process and each other and the yard….. Many will benefit from these programs. Thank you for the time you have put into all of this. We also watch , Garden Answer, which encourages design and flow, but also like you, they don't charge into a project.

  • Marlene Polski

    Awesome! I live in Calgary Alberta and most vids are from a warmer zone. ugh This gives me a really good idea of how to plan!! So excited! Thankyou!!

  • Marc Cowser

    Wow. So practical. Thank you very much. I have just realized a couple of things that I need to start with that I have totally overlooked for so long that just don’t make sense for our yard!

  • Rose Snyder

    This is just what I needed! thank you. I've been watching and learning alot about gardening the last 6 months and I'm so excited to start my new garden in the spring — though learning that much of the work really begins now. Thank you for putting this together, you are easy to listen and learn from and I appreciate you sharing your expertise with us. And I'm going to work on the "homework" you suggested! I hope to share my garden progress with you next spring (with any success, that is). Thank you again Yulia.

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  • Bolingo Rastafari

    Just saw you today on the Ellen show with Tiffany Haddish. Great applause to you and to Tiffany also. Gardening is definitely the way to go, and container vegetable gardening can yield some very good results. I agree with everything you said and also am so glad that you are influencing and inspiring people to grow some of their own food. It is true, youcan grow a lot of very excellent produce on a small plot of land, as long as you have good soil, water, sunshine and air. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a great inspiration and really lifted up my mood by teaching and being on tv. And great thanks to Miss Tiffany also. A great, wise, wonderful woman. I will be signing up for the master class. Keep up the marvelous work.

  • Shelia Gibson

    I want to follow in your footsteps and beautify my community and local schools with gardens. Thanks for your inspiration. Keep it growin'.

  • Frank McCloy

    I show Mr. Finley's TedTalk about starting his guerrilla gardening revolution to my communication students. He is inspirational, and a real wake up call to everyone. He is positivity in action. My only wish is that I lived and taught in CA so I could invite Mr. Finley in to one of my classes because he is such a force of action that it would truly be awe inspiring to meet the man in person. So many of my students have thanked me for showing Mr. Finley's talk because they were so moved by his words and his ACTIONS. The more people learn of Mr. Finley the better we all, and the world would be.

  • Elizabeth Williams

    Hello, I love what you do. I saw you with Common on Common Well…I happen to be a Common fan and I just wanted to inform Common and his team that it is someone portraying to be him and trying to scam his fans… I wrote on your page because I think this person watches Common's page and who know who else…. PLEASE RELAY THIS MESSAGE BECAUSE THERE MIGHT BE SOMEONE WHO MAY FALL FOR THIS MESS>>>>THANK IN ADVANCE:)…..respectful submitted Elizabeth Williams…This man is having full conversation and texting stuff like he is Common but he does spell common words wrong sometimes but as far as the conversation it seem so real.. saying things like Peace, my love, and he has the nerve to be deep ;real deep….He could have fool me…until he start talking about sending money to me to put up for charity….smh …contact me if you have any more question….

  • sudarsan ramakrishnan

    In last one week I watched and rewatched and continue to watch his masterclass . This man became my inner voice for nature

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