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Martin Felsen is principal of UrbanLab, an architecture and urban design firm. UrbanLab specializes in developing a catalogue of architectural, and infrastru… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Take a look inside this building whose heat and energy is generated by this vertical algae farm which can also control light and provide shade. Related PostsGreen and Healthy Cities: Environmental Exposures and Urban Design for Healthy LongevityHow Our Urban Greenhouse Saves Money and Reduces Energy Consumption | True GardenRooftop Organic Vegetable Garden – Awesome Urban Rooftop GardenMARTIN GARRIX LIVE @ 538 KINGSDAY FROM THE TOP OF A'DAM TOWERStormwater management – Using green roofs to reduce urban runoff in IcelandMARTIN GARRIX LIVE @ MY ROOFTOP IN AMSTERDAM

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