Complete guideline on a new vertical gardening idea on your home’s gate.
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Growing on a trellis allows you to grow more food in less space. There are also some other great benefits to vertical gardening. In this video, I will talk about trellises, and show you 12 vegetables that can be grown on a trellis. If you are looking for a list of crops that can be grown on a trellis, this video should give you some good ideas of what can be grown vertically on a trellis. This isn’t a complete list of vegetables that can be grown on a trellis though, so be sure to add any that aren’t on this list in the comments below.

Growing Kiku Chrysanthemum Melon and Sakata’s Sweet Melon: https://youtu.be/hdegzIb0YHs
Python Snake Beans: https://youtu.be/N2Fi2eC7KWE
Kentucky Blue Pole Beans: https://youtu.be/fMH83kbbqpY
Growing Jicama: https://youtu.be/HTC_vAi_da8
My Top 5 Best Tasting Tomatoes: https://youtu.be/PC_CMu_pQew
5 Hot Peppers That Are Productive and Loaded With Flavor.: https://youtu.be/QfM8dZtBSQs

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