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  • Elza Ruth 4 months ago

    How about green peas? R u growing green peas.. bit curiosity, Passion fruit is the sweetest fruit , if possible get the creeper.. I guess u will enjoy the fruit

  • kanchana naidu 4 months ago

    Hai madam
    Really chala inspire avvutunna but terrace meda anni pots pettavacha

  • Satish Dumpa 4 months ago

    Hi madam. Nice tips. Could you tell, Bottle guard creeper , what size of container is suitable pls confirm.

  • sailaja vj 4 months ago

    I liked your last sentence you are inspiration to others madhavi garu

  • star sandeep 4 months ago

    ఇంటి కూరలు ఇంటి వంటలు సూపర్ మేడం

  • Nagaraju Golive 4 months ago

    Meru super andi

  • nagasri sajja 4 months ago

    దొండ తీగ గురించి ఒక వీడియో చేయండి.

  • Lavudya gopi 4 months ago

    I like u madam garu

  • karunya mula 4 months ago

    Madam u r qualification plz..

  • Samatha Mallaram 4 months ago

    Yalakula mokka growing cheppandi… Alage seeds growing also

  • Sreekala Yellu 4 months ago

    Inguma ni water lo mix chesi vankaaya chettu roots daggara posthe, vankaaya lo purugu pothundi

  • Sreekala Yellu 4 months ago

    Hai madhavi garu, Beera theega ki Dasapathra kashayam water lo mix chesi spray chesi chudandi

  • Nawab jani Sameer 4 months ago

    Hi mam

  • Boddu Dhanalaxmi 4 months ago

    Medam mimalai kalavacha nadhi vizag

  • Radhika Radhika 4 months ago

    I am 9 class I love your garden

  • Radhika Radhika 4 months ago

    I also started vertical garden aunt

  • Radhika Radhika 4 months ago

    I liked this video a lot

  • Suneetha's Tiny Thoughts 4 months ago

    Super .

  • M.prathap M.prathap 4 months ago

    Maadi palleturu mokkalu ante naku estam kani ela penchalo teliyadam ledhu cheppadi

  • Vimal mixture channel 4 months ago

    Tamotos Naku kuda baga kastunnayi