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This is a video on Kitchen Gardening. A roof garden is a garden on the roof of a building where we can grow vegetables for daily home consumption. Besides providing food it aids in temperature control, hydro-logical benefits, architectural enhancement. Roof gardens are most often found in urban environments. Plants have the ability to reduce the overall heat absorption of the building which then reduces energy consumption. “The primary cause of heat build-up in cities is insolation, the absorption of solar radiation by roads and buildings in the city and the storage of this heat in the building material and its subsequent re-radiation. Plant surfaces however, as a result of transpiration, do not rise more than 4–5 °C above the ambient and are sometimes cooler.” In an accessible rooftop garden, space becomes available for localized small-scale urban agriculture, a source of local food production. An urban garden can supplement the diets of the community it feeds with fresh produce and provide a tangible tie to food production. Moreover the produce is organic without chemicals which is safe for the family to feed on. The roof garden is also a good hobby and keeps one engaged. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsRooftop farming || EPISODE 66 || Shykh Seraj || Channel i || Roof Gardening ||Rooftop farming || EPISODE 68 || HD || Shykh Seraj || Channel i || Roof Gardening || ছাদকৃষি ||Rooftop farming || EPISODE 73 || HD || Shykh Seraj || Channel i || Roof Gardening || ছাদকৃষি ||rooftop gardening bangladesh _ Make a roof garden | Small town garden ideasRooftop Gardening is a Growing Trend in New York CityRooftop gardening in Kathmandu -A climate change strategy

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