Indoor Fish Farming in Manikgonj Bangladesh.It is
Recirculating aquaculture system RAS fish farming. Indoor fish pond setup tank design, installation expert Jahangir Alam Helpline: 01965199823. Farm name “Deshi Fish Farm”, Farm Location Manikganj. Farm owner ShMoshir Ahamed Majumder Swapan & Jahangir Alam. pabda, tilapia, golsa fishes cultivate here. This is my organic fish farm, my vision is to produce toxic free super fresh fish for healthy life
I love agriculture.
Gardening and fish farming my hobby,
I always search for sustainable green agro technology and try to set up a model so I can spread the idea to others.
Sky Gardens provides modern farming concept which can supply us pesticide free home grown vegetables and toxic free fish.
Now I am setting up a high-tech fish farming project named DESHI FISH FIRM.
My vision is to contribute toxic, growth hormone (GH) free super fresh fish to our food chain.

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