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कुछ गार्डन के लिए जरुरी सामान के लिंक आप इस्पे क्लिक करके आर्डर कर सकते है “Summer season Flower Seeds With Instruction Guide Booklet(20 Varieties) Summer and Spring Season) KRIWIN 30 Varieties Flower Seeds 30 Varieties Kraft Seeds 22 Varieties of Vegetable Seeds OrganoMagic Liquid Soil Booster Organic Liquid Fertilizer for all plants 5 Ltr root 100% Organic Granulated Plant Food Growth Supplement Fertilizer Seaweed Extracts – 10kg OrganicWays Cow Manure Made Vermicompost (5KG) Perlite 3 KG (3 Nos of 1 KG Packet) Perlite 1 KG . Vermiculite (Brown, 5 kg) . Organic Complete Rose Plant Care: Coco peat: rooting hormone: Falcon Steel Budding Grafting Knife: grafting tape: Vermicompost: Set of Gardening Tools: Truphe : Pack Of 30 Vegitable Seeds: Falcon Super Pruning Secateur : Natural String Hemp Burlap Cord Rope Thread : Plastic Rectangle Pot (Brown, Pack of 3) : Kisan Kraft Sprayer (2 Litre) : Pure Cow Dung Compost and Manure : Sharpex Secateurs Gardening Scissor (Black) : Liquid Bio-Fertilizer For All Crops 500ml : __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Namaskar Doston, aap Sab ka ek baar phir se Our Green Planet pe swagat hai.Yahan Hum jante hai kuch asaan se asaan tarike gardening se sambandhit in Hindi Language. Apne Vichar comment box main share kare aur yadi mujhe massage karna chahete hai to is mail id pe mail kare : ||पेड़ लगाओ धरा बचाओ|| ||फूल खिलाओ धरा सजाओ|| जय श्री कृष्णा – जय साई Like, Share, Support & Subscribe….!!! YouTube – FaceBook – Instagram – ankit_its_me ====================================================== Hello Friends I am Your Gardener friend Ankit Bajpai and you are watching Our YouTube Channel “Our Green Planet”. Gardening is my hobby and it […]

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  • Vishalam. Chandran 2 weeks ago


  • How to prepare liquid fertilizer?

  • Sabreena Usmani 2 weeks ago

    Mere tmatar k plant ki growth slow ho rhi h
    Plz suggest me…

  • shikho क़ुछ 2 weeks ago


  • Inderpal Sandhu 2 weeks ago

    Very informative

  • LEARNER’S ACADEMY 2 weeks ago

    Nice video

  • Mrinal Maheshwari 2 weeks ago

    I don't know lekin muje ye tarika sahi nahi laga AK to plastic fir Ulta latka ultimately phodhe ko upar ki taraf hi grow hona pada to botel ko sidha rakh KR hi phodha uga lo itna unhealthy tarike se phowdha ugana Meri hisab se sahi nahi muje laga ki phowdha jarur pareshan ho gaya hoga aise ulte latakne se

  • Gulab Saroj 2 weeks ago

    Bahut accha

  • Mubashir Hussain 2 weeks ago

    Bahut Khoob sir aapka contact number chahiye

  • Javed Aslam 2 weeks ago

    Beautiful .

  • Ram Barosh 2 weeks ago

    Very nice

  • Debabrata Sahoo 2 weeks ago

    Very good idea sir

  • Prince Singh 2 weeks ago

    I love it

  • Bahawal TV 2 weeks ago


  • suman Khalkho 2 weeks ago

    Bahut chachha h sir ye idea

  • Ajay Kumar 2 weeks ago

    Liquid fertilizer matlab

  • naveen chandra singh 2 weeks ago

    लिक्विड fertlizer के विषय में जानकारी दे

  • shamaun yousaf 2 weeks ago

    Soooooo nice

  • Prerna Sharma 2 weeks ago

    Just waaaaooooo

  • Self Sufficient Me 2 weeks ago

    G'day Everyone! Hope you are enjoying this series if you have any comments or questions on this episode whack'em down below and I'll try my best to get to them! Cheers 🙂 P.S If you haven't seen the first 3 episodes here's a link to the playlist

  • LEILAND M. 2 weeks ago

    I love the pallet wall….brilliant!

  • saad hamid 2 weeks ago

    great specially the pallet idea.

  • ThatLadyDray 2 weeks ago

    I LOVE the pallet wall garden idea. I think I may try it if I can get the safe pallets. Thanks for sharing bcuz some of us are working with limited space.

  • Pop Culture Collecting 2 weeks ago

    How do I know if the pallets I find are safe to use?

  • Alice Roberts 2 weeks ago

    I would like to know where you get your tin for your raised beds did you put that together yourself or do you buy them that way

  • Jack 369 2 weeks ago

    Very good bud

  • Zulaiga Worth 2 weeks ago

    thank you

  • Noel Cielo 2 weeks ago

    that jar thing is great for micro greens, how convenient! thanks Mark!

  • L. Wren 2 weeks ago

    How often do you water the pallet gardens? I live in perth and I think I'd have to water them twice a day to stop everything from dying 🙁

  • Jennifer Oliver 2 weeks ago

    Thanks, mate!

  • Recycle Reuse Repurpose 2 weeks ago

    Great channel!

  • Jesse Roberson 2 weeks ago

    How do you build the pallet wall?

  • Kube Dog 2 weeks ago

    This is a bit too "cat lady."

  • Iryn Nakyazze 2 weeks ago

    u make gardening interesting

  • Neonravekid 2 weeks ago

    Loving the humor. What music did you use??? Really enjoyed the tunes.