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यह पौधा तैयार बच्चे देता है! PLANT THAT GIVES SMALL BABY PLANT SPIDER PLANT IS AN UNIQUE PLANT WHICH GIVES YOU A READY MADE PLANT WHICH ONLY YOU HAVE TO GROW IT FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER ORGANIC PESTICIDE FOR REGULAR USE NEEM PESTICIDE FOR FUNGUS AND OTHER PEST soil ph meter grow bags spray bottles for plants summer flower seeds fancy hanging pots Related Postsयह पौधा आपके बगीचे को महका देगा FULL DETAIL INFO OF SON CHAMPA SWARN CHAMPA MAGNOLIA CHAMPACAगुलाब की मिटटी को करिये उपजाव , और पाए एक तंदुरस्त गुलाब का पौधा , ADD THIS TO YOUR ROSE PLANT SOILओवरवॉटरइंग की है? तो इंतना करे, what to do when overwatered rose plantsयह चीज़ बदल देगा आपके पौधे की शकल MAGICAL FERTILIZERTRYING NEW CUTTINGS OF ROSE PLANT IN WATERआपके पौधे को मरने से बचाये इस कीड़े से HOW TO SAVE PLANT FROM LEAF MINER

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  • Yusuf Gandhi 1 year ago

    This is not spider plant. It looks like spider plant but its not. I am having same but its not producing that strock and babies so i have inquired and bought Spider plant which is having similar leaf but green colour inside and yellow edges outside

  • Rahul Jariwala 1 year ago

    grt info mj , sir your videos are very helpful to new Gardner like me. Thank you sir.

  • Shammi Khan 1 year ago

    Sir mere plant ke leaf yellow ho rhe hai mene 1 week hua jb watering ki thi ki thi bt ab 3 day se mene water nhi kia pls help

  • neeharika 1 year ago

    I did exactly as u told using two methods root bulb and flowering stem n got gud result.

  • neeharika 1 year ago

    Iske root bulb lo alag karkey bhi propagate karsaktey hai. I did that. Bought two only. Now they r a dozen.

  • ABDULLAH SHAHID 1 year ago

    Please tell it's name