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गर्मिओ में कोलेउस को कैसे ग्रो करे HOW TO GROW COLEUS IN SUMMERS Coleus is a beautiful summer plant and its very easy going , oue topic is how to grow coleus in summers and what kind of soil should be used to grow coleus . FOLLOW ME ON INSTA LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE @LGWITHMJ FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER ORGANIC PESTICIDE FOR REGULAR USE NEEM PESTICIDE FOR FUNGUS AND OTHER PEST soil ph meter grow bags spray bottles for plants summer flower seeds fancy hanging pots Related Postsज़्यादा से ज़्यादा फूल पाए इस गर्मिओ में अपने मोगरा के पौधे में, GET READY YOUR MOGRA FOR SUMMERगुलाब की मिटटी को करिये उपजाव , और पाए एक तंदुरस्त गुलाब का पौधा , ADD THIS TO YOUR ROSE PLANT SOILGet More Flowers on Allamanda plant अलामांडा पे फूल पाने के लिए इतना करेओवरवॉटरइंग की है? तो इंतना करे, what to do when overwatered rose plantsआपके पौधे को मरने से बचाये इस कीड़े से HOW TO SAVE PLANT FROM LEAF MINERकैसे लगाए गेंदे का पौधा उल्टा खाली बोतलों में l Vertical Gardening l Best Trick To Grow Marigold

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  • Mohini Gadhia 8 months ago

    Ur grow bags look very sturdy where do uget from? May I get d address

  • Alkesh Suthar 8 months ago

    My coleus leaves r turning loose and curly from tip. Please advise. Where i can send u pics?

  • chef - imran 8 months ago

    So nic video owowwo

  • Suzanne rego 8 months ago

    I had purchased a english rose plant 3 months back but its not flowering. Please let me know if i should use NPK or DAP ? And in what quantity i should use it.

  • Suchi Rathore 8 months ago

    Sorry but m 3 baar different colours m lekar ayi but ak baar bhi nahi chal paya i don't know kaha galti ho gayi ye plant muje bahut pasand h thanks
    I request u ki aap dreseena ki cara ke bare m bataye summer m plzz
    M bhi gujarat se hu yaha ki garmi u know soo plzz help

  • Neha Rajput Neha Rajput 8 months ago

    Thankuuu sir

  • Anil Pandy 8 months ago

    Aap grow bag kaha se laate ho isme plant kab tak chalta h

  • Sonal Jain 8 months ago

    How can we get big leaves in pudina sir