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GO GARDEN PRESENTS THE VIDEO ON TE TOPIC OF ORGANIC HYDROPONICS MYTH OR REALITY. You can purchase from following link I am Amazon Associate NPK 4 18 38 Calcium nitrate Magnisium Sulfate(Epsum salt) Micronutrients Perlite NET SHADE pH Metre Foggers Net cups Clay pebbles Hydroponic NFT System seedling tray Coco coir Humic Acid Seaweed extract mobile I use for recording My email is you can ask question on this mail. whatsapp no- 9044776916 Related Postsओर्गनिक हाइड्रोपानिक सच या झूठ । Organic hydroponics a myth or realityIs Hydroponics Profitable in India: क्या भारत मे हाइड्रोपानिक खेती मे फायदा हैHow to prepare hydroponics nutrients solutions हाइड्रोपोनिक पोषक घोल कैसे बनाते।Vertical Farming, Now a Reality: Dickson Despommier at TEDxBermudaEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodTower Garden Reality Check

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  • Rahul Ram 11 months ago

    NPK konsa Dena sahiye

  • naveen sharma 11 months ago

    Confused, some vedios you are saying hydroponic is good we can eat and this vedio you are suggesting don't go for hydroponic, suggest we can do this or not is it safe or not ? Don't confuse us

  • Biswa Ranjan 11 months ago

    Can you please tell me if NFT is commercially viable in India. Please make detailed video of kartky methods

  • Saqib Iqbal 11 months ago

    One of the BEST video by you.God bless you

  • surendra kumar suman akela 11 months ago

    Sahi sammy per sahi jankari mili very good video

  • मेरा देश मेरी जान 11 months ago

    Eye opener.

  • Harish Kumar 11 months ago

    Very nice

  • digvijay jagtap 11 months ago

    Sir aapka training session hai kya. And hai toh kuanse city mai…??

  • Gurmeet Paul Singh 11 months ago

    Sir , PH तॊ control हो जाता है लेकिन TDS 500 तक पहुँच जाता है , TDS को कम करने के बारे में जानकारी दें ।

  • dr zulfikar mithiborwala 11 months ago

    Sahi hai sir

  • Aarif Khan 11 months ago

    Plants absorb nutrients in the form of ions. It doesn't matter whether you are using organic or inorganic medium. Organic is still impossible with Hydroponics. I am totally agree with you Sir. There is no any concept of organic/inorganic in hydroponics, but do not use pesticides/insecticides in Hydroponics. Thanks

  • Shahed Siddique 11 months ago

    achcha Admi sachcha admi

  • Hanifjunejo Hanifjunejo 11 months ago

    Sir PHR ntf par Kam nhe krna chahia kia

  • Manoj Singh 11 months ago

    shri maan mishra ji seeds ke baare me ek video banai dhnayvaad

  • Subrata Sarkar 11 months ago

    Ya it's true sir….
    Sir July mein classes ka koi program…..

  • Kk Kargwal 11 months ago

    You are right sir it's a matter of discussion and soo many thing are there which are still under research so for the time being it's a wastage of time n money. . . Although your video is nice as usual…

  • kon kya hai? 11 months ago

    I am from Pakistan I big fan you sir.