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Part 3 of our hydroponic “winter” tomatoes. Spring is just a couple days away and we are tearing down the walls on the back porch. It’s time to let all the plants “breathe” again and see if we can’t get some more tomatoes to bloom and more blooms to blossom! 🙂 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrowing Season For Tomatoes – Grow Tomatoes In Winter?Hydroponic system for growing tomatoes part 1Hydroponic tomatoes part 1Urban Farming: Growing Indoor Winter TomatoesSingle Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System – Easy DIY – Patio – Balcony – Winter Gardeninggrowing hydroponic tomatoes

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  • air pruning hydroponics 1 year ago

    Greenhouse Tomato Pruning, Pollination, Stringing, Lowering & Leaning, And Suckering
    Keyplayr61 Greenhouse Hydroponics And Gardens 

    Keith made a good video on lowering the vines. Probably too late at this point, but it will help next time.