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Free at! A talk about SOG & SCROG, and Why? Photos too. Cheers hg Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesDwc hydroponic watermelon,cantaloupe, squash 6/12Hydrokultur Garten mit PVC-Rohr Medien | Hydroponic Gardening with pvc Pipe MediaPrairie Green RoofCannabis Cultivation Weed Documentary Haze AK47 Crystal hydroponics indoor sativa indica THC harvestLED grow lights home hydroponics kit


Hydroponic Gardening


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  • Potter Andrew 8 months ago

    amateur question here:
    can''t you harvest 2x-3x SOG in the same time you do SCROG with 4-8 weeks veg?

  • Robert A 8 months ago

    How do you get your plants to have soooo many and so huge branches? Thank you, very educational info on your channel.

  • bdb jmb 8 months ago

    You ever try to re- veg one of those harvested beasts?

  • negro jim 8 months ago

    I'm doing a scrog in a 40 gallon bucket with a top soil and manure mixture and I want to know how long I can veg it to yeild the highest quantity of bud using miracle grow for now but am going to switch to a good fertilizer she's only a month and a half old ?? any estimations??

  • quincy nguyen 8 months ago

    What nutes that u used my friend ? Please let me know ? Thanks much

  • chocobduc 8 months ago

    Question: even though you seem to be rooting for SCROG but not so much bias on SOG, Doesn't SOG produce more essentially in the same time frame? Because with SOG you pretty much cut the whole veg stage maybe leave a week in for a bit of growth and then you flower right away. With SCROG you have to wait for veg to complete and then flower and by then you could already have another SOG in place flowering. LMK please.

  • beanzntoast 8 months ago

    Hi man, great advice for lots of people. This is my first time trying out scog. Should I leave them to do there thing now it's reaching day 21 on flo? the nets down and it looks awful so I'm just waiting for the girls to respond to there mistreatment ;). I always grow sativa cheese x's but I'm wondering if the indicas would yield more in this situation. Any advice welcome. Peace

  • simonito loko 8 months ago

    i think you make more with sog in a given period of time i think you can do 2 runs of sog instead of 1 run scrog am i right?

  • Richard Ahlers 8 months ago

    just a few questions i wouldnt call my self a pro i am seasoned though q 1. what nuits 2. what was the yeild 3. is that 2 plants per bucket and finally was that a custom made recirculating dwc and if so i admire your skill will you please share your design with me for your controler bucket and buckets thamks . your a true genius

  • Sarah Lunafire 8 months ago

    Ever considered LED ribbons down along the walls and wrapped and or dangled down through the canopy?
    Also what about Re-Vegging?!

  • El Criticario Jack 8 months ago

    Uuuuuy no sabia q habian canales de pago… y de marihuana!! jajajaja (y) 😀 Saludos

  • Don Mafu 8 months ago

    Great vid, great info, thank you for sharing.

  • John Doe 8 months ago

    This method takes longer though during the veg stage

  • hello yous 8 months ago

    could those plants be re animated and started again

  • 4+ months veg for me my friend. Keep it growing green

  • Jerid Rutledge 8 months ago

    Most of the time SOG will out yield SCROG. SCROG is a little more tricky to get right, but it is amazing for keeping your plant count down.

  • PakeloBlazin 8 months ago

    Awsome job!

  • scuba 8 months ago

    Hey hygro i got took what u taught and now have plants 5×5 pounders good looks would love to share pics or something wirh u 

  • jlong978 8 months ago

    Great vid miss ya show m8

  • Murat Yurttas 8 months ago

    One of the best growers. Thanks for everything.