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So… do plants need dirt? The truth might shock you. In this episode of Crash Course kids, Sabrina talks about how plants get energy and how that energy is transported around them. Also, she talks about dirt. Watch More Crash Course Kids: 5-LS1-1. Support an argument that plants get the materials they need for growth chiefly from air and water. [Clarification Statement: Emphasis is on the idea that plant matter comes mostly from air and water, not from the soil.] Want to find Crash Course elsewhere on the internet? Crash Course Main Channel: Facebook – Twitter – Tumblr – Credits… Producer & Editor: Nicholas Jenkins Cinematographer & Director: Michael Aranda Host: Sabrina Cruz Script Supervisor: Mickie Halpern Writer: Jen Szymanski Executive Producers: John & Hank Green Consultant: Shelby Alinsky Script Editor: Blake de Pastino Thought Cafe Team: Stephanie Bailis Cody Brown Suzanna Brusikiewicz Jonathan Corbiere Nick Counter Kelsey Heinrichs Jack Kenedy Corey MacDonald Tyler Sammy Nikkie Stinchcombe James Tuer Adam Winnik Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWatch it Grow! – SciShow KidsWatch it Grow! – SciShow KidsWatch it Grow! – SciShow KidsWatch it Grow! – SciShow KidsWatch it Grow! – SciShow KidsWatch it Grow! – SciShow Kids

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  • Caro Mora 1 year ago

    i like the end

  • Sky Love 1 year ago

    we make it fun we make it glad we feel good
    who love this song i made up

  • Josh Randolph 1 year ago

    Wouldn't a ladder be the simplest engineering solution, or maybe a plank/log?

  • ellaser93 1 year ago

    Very glad you brought up oxygen as something plants need. I feel that when the subject of botany is brought up (by laypeople and primary school curricula) that the part deals with respiration is frequently forgotten.

  • Combat King 0 1 year ago

    Leaf me alone.
    My issues stem from a root cause.
    I used the wrong kind of flower in my baking.
    I'm not depressed, so don't attach a stigma to me.
    To relax, I will now play the tuber.

  • Ronit Boy 1 year ago

    Nice video :)