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John from shares with you the 2013 SF Flower and Garden show and shares with you examples of how you can grow food at home. In addition, you will learn about some different techniques and get some ideas for growing food at home. Finally, you will learn about some of the new products that enable you to grow more food organically at home. Related PostsExposiciGrow a Vertical Wall Garden with NEW Products at the 2013 National Hardware ShowHGTV’s Chris Lambton interview at Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival 2013Easiest Raised Bed Kit, Vertical Growing and Self-Watering Containers & more at the 2011 Garden ShowVertical Gardening Examples at the 2014 Chicago Flower and Garden ShowMarijohn Bledsoe UCCE Master Gardener – San Francisco Flower & Garden Show 2010

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  • Under7Cs 10 months ago

    This was your best video yet!  I got inspired by you about 3 months ago and now harvesting my own baby greens everyday.  I used to think the organic spring mix from the grocery store was the best, Ha!!

  • Wise Student 10 months ago

    You still can't stop waving your hands….God help you !!!

  • Fay K-O 10 months ago

    John, you are just amazing!  Thank you so much for sharing all the knowledge!

  • brad metcalf 10 months ago

    Awesome video! You looked at things I would have wanted to see if I was there myself. I've enjoyed several of your videos now thanks.

  • leifcatt 10 months ago

    I think that Josh matches John's passion for growing your greens. Josh is a great guy and always is a good guest on your videos. Thanks for the tour.

  • Tc Anderson 10 months ago

    This was GREAT, John!  Thanks for sharing your visit to the show.  You gave me tons of ideas for new projects.

  • Lyne G 10 months ago

    I wish you would cut your video in segment. I like 5 to 7 min video. Love watching you! :0)

  • Jeff West 10 months ago

    wwwwooooooooooooossssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh john gardening really calms the nerves, thanks for the tranquility brother. 

  • Jay Bee 10 months ago

    Pallet garden at 5:30

  • Ginger Borgeson 10 months ago

    I AGREE. More edibles instead of useless plantings. There are so many beautiful edibles available.We have gone totally to edible flowers in the flower gardens and of course we still have the large veggie garden as usual. We are also taking some more of the grass out & starting a smaller area as our fruit & berry area. I have started some service berries & some nannyberry this year, in areas that use to be ornamental bushes. The more we can plant in edibles, the better.

  • GrowLightSource 10 months ago

    Nothing taste better, and provides better quality phytochemicals, than fresh from the garden vegetables! The flowers smell better too.

  • magnumxlpi 10 months ago

    No but corn is bad raw and tomatoes should be cooked to get the most lycopene

  • Kelly Richardson 10 months ago

    Hey john I found this on Raspberry Shortcake, BrazelBerries® are currently available by mail order through a Spring 2013 exclusive with White Flower Farm.To place your order by telephone, call: 1-800-503-9624


  • DiiJiiGii 10 months ago

    So grateful for your videos! I know nothing about gardening & watched your tutorials & felt I had the info, confidence &motivation I needed to plant a veggie garden this year! My kids all helped! I plan to start a pumpkin patch this week & maybe try strawberries & herbs in a pallet garden. I drink green smoothies with many fruits & veggies to control fibromyalgia pain. Time to start growing them myself! Thank you & may God bless you for your efforts!

  • katbird158 10 months ago

    started saving my table scraps, and seeing as how they are organic vegie stuff, it should be Gold!

  • Mama Dobble 10 months ago

    Boogie Brew should be giving you free products. Like a lot of free stuff.

  • Samanda 10 months ago

    cutesy putesy? lol, you said cutesy putesy. Great video, thanks!

  • Start a Change 10 months ago

    Hey John thanks for the heads up on the Garden Show. I picked up a Bountiful Blue Blueberry plant and man that thing puts out tons of berries!!! Can I transplant it right now or do I have to wait?

  • MyHealthyHabits 10 months ago

    There is some evidence that cruciferous veggies like broccoli can interfere with thyroid if you eat enough of them raw. But it really takes quite a bit. Gently steaming them is enough if you are worried. 

  • runemesa 10 months ago

    John, can you please reply to my question about tree bark and composting from a couple of days ago. I asked about it because I was able to go pry a lot of bark off of a neighbor's tree that had to be cut down and was about to be hauled away the next day. Can I use the bark for composting or not? Should I save it or just burn it.