Added by on 2016-12-17 The Clover Stackable Planter is an innovative way to bring height to your gardening. They are great for strawberries, suitable for most common herbs and make magnificent 360 degree floral displays. Their lightweight and space saving design makes them ideal for balconies, patios and decking. Related PostsVertical Growing with the Clover Stackable PlantersA Vertical Garden Made from DIY Stackable PlantersGreenStalk Stackable Gardening System – 5 Tier Vertical Vegetable TowerUltimate Innovations AquaSav Vertical Garden Wall Planter on QVCSet of 2 34″ Vertical Growing Flower Tower Planters with Carolyn GracieVertical garden planters design ideas

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  • Rafay Muhammad 8 months ago

    this is great but you can get the same exact thing at 99 cent store . . . thats where i got mine from

  • Catfishchics Paracord 8 months ago

    This is Super Snazzy! I want one. Thanks for showing this planter. Thanks, Catfishchic