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Vertical Garden 360 by Eclipse Gro – The original idea was to design an efficient vertical gardening system that would save space, time and energy. A gardening system that has the ability of growing plants and vegetable organically immediately. For over four years, Eclipse Gro’s focus is to bring this vertical garden system in to a reality. The V360 (vertical garden 360) meets all this and more. What makes this vertical garden system outstanding? No medium to buy, less nutrients required, less energy for lighting, and the timers take care of the daily work. For more information, just visit the Vertical Garden 360 official page at Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSoil Less Vertical Aeroponic Growing System Video in English By Sure growPyramid Garden – Aeroponic Vertical Growing SystemAponic Vertical Aeroponic Sustainable Growing SystemWhat is Tower Garden“Aero/Aqua Vertical Grow” Serie , Urban Gardening , Aeroponic System , aeroponische SystemeAeroponic Plant Growing Bucket System, The Maxx Power PRO 12

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