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This technique can be used to divide properties in an urban setting. Rain water flows across the top via a soaker hose. This 8 foot wall turns 1 square foot into 17 square feet of garden space. Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living Walls25 Incredible DIY Garden Fence Wall Art IdeasHow to Plant a Living Wall Garden on a FenceKangaroo Paw in Pots to break up that long fence. Fence planters on a budget. Vertical gardenVertical Garden Wall Planter!Monkey Pots Vertical Fence Planter

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  • Chris Towerton 8 months ago

    Very pretty ;-)

  • Apocalyptic Knights 8 months ago

    It looks amazing! And probably fixes the problem with losing soil from your previous pyramid construction. But what happens when the wood rots away?