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A vertical garden planter box. Vertical gardening makes a lot of sense in more than one way. Small spaces is something a lot of us can relate with because it hits close to home. If you live in a condo or an apartment with a small balcony or patio, you can still garden. Simply do it vertically. For some gardeners, just the idea of caring for many different types of plants over a large area in their yard can be tiring. With vertical gardens, you can reign in your plants into a smaller, easier to care for area, while still keeping plant diversity. Another advantage of establishing a vertical garden is it allows you to experiment growing different types of plants without the need to dig up a larger portion of your yard or garden. This vertical garden planter is small enough to fit on a small balcony or patio and will fit through a standard size door way. The planter boxes are a size that makes them perfect for picking up and moving from an outdoor setting to an indoor setting depending on the weather. The only additional parts needed to do so would be the inclusion of a bottom for the base unit. Simple and easy! Nice. To see this vertical Garden Planter being built visit: If you would like more information including a cut list and materials and plans for this project visit: Also visit my facebook page: Visit me on Pinterest: I would like to say thank you to Julianne from DirtPatcHeaven for her efforts in helping with this project. She provided some wonderful insights that helped improve the design of this vertical garden planter. Thanks Julianne. Visit her at Dirtpatcheaven channel: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDIY Vertical Garden PlanterHow to […]

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  • Reiner Schlag 9 months ago

    I'm from South Africa and recently came across your channels. Your main build channel is excellent and I really like how you use the humour. Getting the kids involved gives it so much more character so that is not just a boring straight-forward build video. This planter design is great. I definitely need to make some at some stage but much later, seeing as I'm dealing with too much other stuff right now. Due to cost issues, I will need to use pallet wood though, but I dont see that making any difference.

  • James Reeves 9 months ago

    your site is very cool thanks

  • Deborah Mangham (DebStylist) 9 months ago

    Hi what did you use for outer coating? I'm in East Orlando Florida. Nice job BTW. Thank you.