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Vertical Gardening Pioneer and 40 year worldwide Hydroponic Greenhouse Tim Carpenter describes our Verti-Gro patented vertical growing systems. Touches on Tomatoes and Pepper production. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFarm-To-Table Vertical Aeroponics Greenhouse, Art Garden & How We’re Building The Growing System!Pi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsVertical Aquaponics System use Bamboo Towers in Greenhouse to Increase Production 10xcontainer greenhouse vertical aquaponics systemSimple Aeroponics System, add to any Greenhouse!Greenhouse- vertical growing of greens

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  • pudge 8 months ago

    The video is terrible, the audio is terrible and the camera man needs help.

  • Nathan Daeus 8 months ago

    looks delicious!

  • Jane Derry 8 months ago

    I can hear you talking, but not him. Try putting a head microphone on him, so I can heqar what he's saying too. If you can't hear him, the show is over. Right? Because you didn't say much at all.


  • John Moore 8 months ago

    I'm satisfied with those explanation's

  • Michael Reppe 8 months ago


    Thank you for the inquiry. We have our own line of plant nutrients for Vertical Gardening and Commercial Vertical Agriculture. Both hydroponic nutrient line, and a new Organic line of nutrients. You can find more info on our website. vertigro com

  • David Edlund 8 months ago

    What nutrients/fertilizer do you use in your vertigro buckets? Hydrogarden ?