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Sweet potato plants should be placed right in the ground about 2 inches deep, and they should be well-watered. Find out why sweet potatoes flourish in hot conditions with help from an organic farmer in this free video on vegetable gardening and horticulture. Expert: Jarrett Man Contact: Bio: Jarrett Man created and runs Stone Soup Farm, an organic vegetable and fruit operation in Belchertown, Mass. Filmmaker: EquilibrioFilms Jenn Related PostsVegetable Gardening : How to Grow Large Sweet OnionsHow to Successfully Grow Potatoes – Organic Vegetable GardeningVegetable Gardening : How to Grow Green PeppersVegetable Gardening : How to Grow Summer SquashPlanting Sweet Potatoes in WinterAmazing Sweet Potato Harvest: 139 lbs from 3 Potatoes

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  • Backyard Garden 8 months ago

    You won't really need to weed because the vines grow and cover like mulch.

  • mae roby 8 months ago

    when do they flower and set seed?

  • Maggie Crooks 8 months ago

    We have sweet potatoes and Idaho potatoes growing right now. We sure don't have to worry about water. We've had a lot of rain. And it's been hot, so they're probably growing well. Thanks for the ehow.

  • Yugiro 8 months ago

    My dad use to grow sweet potatoes back home and he harvests them in just 45 days after planting the vines. He called that variety of sweet potato as "45days sweetpotato". Its a fast growing crops and bears big sweet potatoes.

  • 1stBumbleBeeMaster 8 months ago

    Yeah agree with you there, best use a fork as it saves slicing through them when digging them. I used to grow these up canes with my Runner Beans and they will flower like Bind Weed or Morning Glory, I personally prefer seeds, as Disease cannot be passed on. Its hard starting off but once established, you can mulch with dry straw in winter and leave some in the ground! its these you will get seeds of following year. Good video! 

  • A couple of things – the young leaves and vine tips are tasty and nutritious. They cook up like spinach. If you don't have your own vines, the greens are prepackaged in most Asian marts. And the slips are super easy to grow. Just toothpick a sweet potato and suspend it half in a jar of water with the vine end up. When each slip has four or five good leaves, twist it off and put it into a jar of water to root. Plant when well rooted.

  • Mmleify 8 months ago

    this video helped me grow this season! I'm still eating my crop. Thanks,

  • MrDoughMagic 8 months ago

    I just planted a whole sweet potato in hydro soil outdoors and it's taking off like no other plants I have seen thanks for the info

  • Chad Marcus Whyrick 8 months ago

    Just planted a couple of, "slips" that I pulled off of a sweet potato that I initially found lost in the pantry with sprouts on it. I placed it in water, then to a small pot, now in I just planted the slips in 3 huge containers. I think I did it right. There is definitely enough heat here. 

  • elydanification 8 months ago

    Determined to grow sweet potatoes in Minnesota!!!

  • elydanification 8 months ago

    How far apart do you plant them?

  • King Jank 8 months ago

    what soil am i supposed to use. because i live in georgia and right now my soil they are in is red clay.

  • jimmie200 8 months ago

    This guy really explains things thoroughly. He makes growing vegetables easy for that reason.

  • Nuggle Bee 8 months ago

    @fibifibula jealous much? dont hate on the Jarret.

  • na dine 8 months ago

    oh, that was not a good tutorial at all. he´s leaving out lots of crucial information!

  • Jacob Rudduck 8 months ago

    Killer crocs, man!

  • fructardmama 8 months ago

    I am trying to grow these over my septic tank. Wish me luck, Jarret!

  • steve t 8 months ago

    you can eat the leaves!

  • sonia greendub 8 months ago

    @Bosman55 lol 

  • exclamation3mark 8 months ago

    dont the tubars get tougher as the season goes on? Leaving the plant in till frost seems too long a season