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Kang Kong is an easy leafy vegetable to grow on your balcony. Growing Kang Kong provides a healthy vegetable harvest year round. Phil Dudman the Garden Guru shows you how to grow. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAquaponics Rocks ( Growing Medium ) Wash Install Plant – $40 Aquaponics – Barrelponics Made EasyMittleider Gardening Method: How to Plant Swiss Chard and Leafy GreensVegetable Gardening: Growing Edible Ginger – How to grow gingerTop Leafy Green for Phoenix, Arizona Desert Gardens – Summer Heat Garden GreensTop Leafy Green for Phoenix, Arizona Desert Gardens – Summer Heat Garden GreensGrowing Broccoli – Vegetable Gardening

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  • Rachel bp 1 year ago

    Is this similar to Morning Glory?

  • Rainier Antonio 1 year ago

    I find your leaves infested with something… Tiny holes are visible, otherwise they look healthy. How are you related to one of us Filipinos? 🙂 you might want to consider adobong kangkong, or just put on boiling water for around 30 seconds and eat with bagoong.

  • XtreamSkilledGamer 1 year ago

    i planted my kang kong plant in my building and it was in good condition and it had a flower too and it was in winter too

  • Gary Verderamo 1 year ago

    My mother in law brought some over to make sinigang or something. She threw the excess out in my garden bed to compost (I guess). I picked one out and stuck it in a plastic water bottle with some tap water. 3 days later I have roots growing all along the stem.

    I am thinking about growing it in a 2L soda bottle of water with some worm castings mixed in to add nutrients.

  • bil45ohb gmail 1 year ago

    Yes, you can use KANGKONG as a soup or used as SALAD. For SALAD, blanch or STEAM kangkong, YOU can't eat raw.

  • Ester 1 year ago

    @Stella Astute sorry you are wrong because I lived in the Philippines and Kangkung is used in soups and I loved it!

  • Yana Samir 1 year ago

    Can you simply grow it in a pot without holes so there's always water at the bottom?

  • Adolfo Pedregosa 1 year ago

    adobo kang kong. Famous in the Philippines.

  • Miyahs Xstitch 1 year ago

    Actually, you can make a soup out of these. It's called Canh chua rau muon. Good stuff

  • Stella Astute 1 year ago

    He pronounced it wrongly haha. And it is best for stir fry mostly not for soup or salad :P

  • zanuzen retch 1 year ago

    in the philippines this plants has a midicinal value we used this to maybe 2 to 3 times a week to lower our blood pressure or else we used garlic too we cook kangkong with a midicinal purposes 

  • B Y Tang 1 year ago

    In the wild it actually grows at the edges of streams and ponds and spreads out onto the water – it's hollow stems allow it to float. I used to grow it in my fish tank, where it helps absorb nitrates and ammonia and keep the fish happy. You can also grow it in a fish tank or garden pond, but don't eat the bits that are on the water as they may have water snails and parasites on them. You can eat the bits that trail out onto dry land from the pond.

  • Riverdale270 1 year ago

    Great video! We traveled around Vietnam and we absolutely adored this plant! Were from Belgium, so I'm trying this one out myself this year! :-)

  • Kevin Yang 1 year ago

    I grew them in my garden last year from seed in Georgia. It took a while but most of the seeds did germinate and I had a lot of healthy plants. Unfortunately, the plants die at the first sign of frost. I will plant both Kang Kong and Water Crest this year and transfer it indoor for the winter. A hard lesson but one that I learn and will remember not to do again.

  • bibalekker 1 year ago

    We called it KangKong in the Philippines(TAGALOG).Here in Aruba I used it in my soup(fish) or in my sinigang(sour soup) together with other vegetables,Also I sauteed it in cooking oil with garlic,onions,soy sauce and vinegar (adobong kangkong).Ung choy they called it here by the Chinese or just swamp cabbage or water spinach.

  • roqsanda 1 year ago

    Does it have a lot of gel in the leaves or the stems?

  • Brian Smith 1 year ago

    We simply throw some leaves on their stems into a bucket of water and it grows like crazy all summer long. Just make sure there's plenty of water. We don't even use dirt! Just put it in water. It grows. Also, our cat LOVES it!!! He'll eat it 'til he pukes!

  • Darren Halsey 1 year ago

    I love these videos. This guy has a great personality where can i find more?

  • Benson Dulos 1 year ago

    The other term for this is swamp spinach. This is so good :)

  • GLAY HSI 1 year ago

    I grow this at home. Here in Indonesia i can harvest every week. yes, this vegetable is very easy to grow.