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Please Visit The Rusted Garden Seed & Garden Shop:: A full tour of my garden as of July 23rd. I provide tips, talk about journaling, my ups, my downs, diseases and in the end the reason we have gardens. Still a great harvest of so much! Join The Rusted Garden FB Gardening Shop & Video Page Follow me on Instagram for 60 Second or Sow videos and Gardening Tips… Check out my vegetable gardening blog: The Rusted Garden. It is filled with garden information, videos, pictures, seed catalogs and seeds & things I sell. Related PostsJuly Container Garden Harvest Update Deer and Possum Organic Vegetable Gardening lettuce seedContainer Garden July Update & Harvest Vegetable Gardening Raised Bed How to Plant Grow SeedEarly Fall Vegetable Garden Tour & HarvestContainer Garden Harvest Update June 6th Lettuce Tomato Kale Vegetable Gardening Raised BedVegetable Garden Tour Mid August: A Vacation Watering Tip, Cucumber Seed Saving, Cool Season CropsChandigarh, Pinjor Garden Educational Tour

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  • Juanita Moncebaiz 3 weeks ago

    Hi Gary, thank you for all your videos. My zucchini plant is growing in the ground huge leaves and the vegetable very slow and small. Should I be cutting those huge leaves so more growth will go the vegetable instead.

  • ramblin jerry 3 weeks ago

    Were your tomatoes that you were growing in your community garden plot affected by the blight?

  • Ron Rooney 3 weeks ago

    Great videos as always! My MO for replacement plants is to cut suckers and place them in mason jars with water on June 1-15. After about a week when they have some good roots they go into 1 gallon containers to grow into July and August. They are kept separate from the garden tomato plants in the hopes they don't get the blight and serve as great replacements for any badly damaged plants and there is zero cost involved.

  • mel schneed 3 weeks ago

    Your garden is great! Do you do anything special for drainage when using buckets for containers?

  • Scottie Pickering 3 weeks ago

    Great videos,love watching.when do you start your fall peas I'am trying to find out best time to plant them.

  • maybe dont spray so much… AMD see how plants do

  • Quarter Court 3 weeks ago

    First year gardener in coastal NC (zone 8), I'm so glad you said that about planting new tomato plants mid-season, I did that just to try out some new varieties (my three tomato plants were producing well, but t's all an experiment to me and so much fun)–so I have small yellow drop and black krim plants just starting out, hoping to have tomatoes into the fall! Having so much fun, am planning to expand our vegetable garden across our back lot, mixed in with native plants, reading about permaculture. Thank you, I've learned a lot from your videos 🙂

  • adam harborth 3 weeks ago

    good stuff

  • Brandy J. 3 weeks ago

    P.s you've helped me so much with your vivid detailed videos. Please keep it going!!

  • Brandy J. 3 weeks ago

    I'm in growing 5 (Madison, Wisconsin). I'm fairly new to gardening and brand new to container gardening and starting from seed. Your videos encouraged me to give it a go. A few questions. 1. My heirloom black krim fruits are very small and a few are starting to ripen at this size. Is it because of the size of the container?

    2. I planted and started seed exactly when it was recommended according to my zone. Even though I have cukes, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, nothing is read to harvest. Nothing! It's basically August and am disappointed I have all of these baby, small, no where near ready to harvest fruits.

    I am fertilizing and doing everything I've seen you suggest with fertilizing etc. Am I doing something wrong?

    3. I keep reading not to plant in soil that had tomatoes / potatoes growing in it for 2 years. Is this true? What do you do with all of that soil/dirt? Seems such a waste.


  • Maricela Hinojosa 3 weeks ago

    Your channel has helped me so much even though you are in a different growing zone. My tomatoes are not doing well either, with this heat I don't blame them. I was thinking of pruning them way back but not sure if they would regrow and flower before it gets too cold. Or, should I get new ones from the nursery? I'm in zone 9b where we get cold but not frost.

  • Katy-c 3 weeks ago

    I am so happy that I'm not the only one with tomato problems in Maryland. I was feeling like a total failure, no matter what I do I always have issues with my tomatoes. <3 Thanks for the tour!

  • Jerry Georgopolis 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for your tips. I'm using Surround WP (Kaolin Clay) on cucumbers, pumpkin, squash and basil. Have you heard of Surround ?

  • Deborah Ray 3 weeks ago

    I don't really enjoy films about gardening with spraying.

  • carla temenak 3 weeks ago

    I'm in md zone 7 too and am comforted to know that what I've been seeing like blight-harmed tomatoes but thriving peppers is the same for you.  What do you spray for blight?

  • Fun mom 3 weeks ago

    My squash plant is turning a really dark color on the stem what does that mean ? is,it bad

  • Liz Y. 3 weeks ago

    Beautiful harvest. Your eggplants are gorgeous. So much so, I'd like to give it a try. BTW, I'm growing container tomatoes for the first time which are coming along nicely (fingers crossed). Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. I've learned and applied so much of it. Thank you.

  • Your peppers are gorgeous. Sorry about your tomatoes 🙁 I've had the same tomato drama with this awful heat in MD. Like your garden, my pink bumblebees are the only tomato plants doing reasonably well (and just barely.) The sungold is a close second, but it's pretty unhappy. Unfortunately, the bumblebees are extremely prone to splitting and I'm not a fan of the taste, they're kind of mealy and tasteless. It's been mostly leaf spot and fungal diseases that have taken their toll on everything this year. I think the serenade held off some of the problems for a little while, but I'm sick of spraying and I'm just letting the plants "go". Lessons learned indeed. I've already decided to NOT use wood mulch again, I'll use straw. I've grown more tiny mushrooms with the mulch than tomatoes. Now, the rattlesnake pole beans on the other hand…omg, I'll never NOT plant them. Amazing.

  • 50 shades of green 3 weeks ago

    Fantastic update today Gary !! Great update and tour of your garden !! everything is coming along nicely !! Awesome harvest !! Thanks for sharing.

  • Jlmhl Taylor 3 weeks ago

    Some of my tomatoes are just wilting and they die off rapidly, not from the heat though. I just can never get the yellow pears to do well in my area, zone 7b for some reason. Beautiful garden by the way! Are you starting your fall crops yet inside or outside? What will you have in your fall garden this year? Any favorites?