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Please subscribe for my channel Hi Guys, In this video. I will show for everyone. Sharing for you Green solutions use plastic bottles to Vegetable Garden Ideas So green grarden and green solution! Vertical garden in bottles, plastic, stacked, easy instructions – how to make a beautiful garden for vegetables How To Stake & Tie Tomato Plants In this video, I will show you how I built my tomato trellis and how I tie my tomato plants to it. The trellis I built are designed for strong winds which we get a lot of here in Arizona. I secured 2 2×4 boards to each side of my raised bed garden. Then I looped the first string around the boards about 10 inches above the ground and guided the tomato plants between the strings. The second string I looped 10 inches above the first one and loosely tied the tomato plants to it. When looping the string around the board, I was very careful not to damage the clusters of blooms on the top of my tomato plants. When securing the tomato plants to the string, I crossed (made an 8 shape) the t-shirt cut offs, so the tomato plant doesn’t rub against the string. There are many ways to stake tomato plants, however, I choose this a bit labor intensive but cheap way to stake my tomato plants because of the windy weather we get here. I don’t think regular tomato cages would withstand the wind. Staking indeterminate varieties tomato plants is important as they grow very tall and when heavy with tomatoes, they will not be able to stand straight on their own. This is by far the strongest tomato trellis I’ve ever build and I can’t wait for summer time to see how well it works. I […]

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