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Full post: || Mitch Hagney is the operator of Local Sprout, a vertical urban farm in San Antonio, Texas. Local Sprout grows fresh produce in a variety of ways, serving their community year round. We’ve known Mitch for a while, but we got the chance to chat with him in person at the 4th Annual Indoor Ag Con in Las Vegas. We were delighted to hear that Local Sprout is growing as strong as ever, having diversified revenue streams in really interesting ways, and navigated the maze of zoning and regulation laws that come with urban farming. We know that for many urban farmers, zoning is a “dark area” with very little info to go by. Fortunately, Mitch was able to give us some helpful tips, which we captured here for you. We especially loved Mitch’s top piece of advice for new farmers! (Check it out in the video.) Local Sprout: Indoor Ag Con: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLEDs for Indoor FarmersSprouts Foundation + REAL School Gardens | Sprouts Farmers MarketAdvice for Selling At Farmers MarketsWomen rice farmers of AfricaGuatemala: Farmers’ Association Leader Confirms Need To Empower Rural WomenLocal Flowers, Local Farmers: A Growing American Movement

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  • John Doe 11 months ago

    Farming and growing your own food becoming illegal in many areas, so messed up. There should be FEDERAL LAW allowing people to grow their own vegetables, that's a disgrace that many cities force people to buy land from THEM, or force them to buy taxed food (again the city profits off of) from a store.

  • Greg Kail 11 months ago

    good video !!!!