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Container gardening and hanging vegetables at the beginning of winter in south Florida. Hope ya’ll enjoy and check out my other videos, rate them, and don’t forget to subscribe. Feel free to leave a comment and if you have any questions I’ll try to answer them all to the best of my ability. Thanks, Bullseye Related PostsGrow Tomatoes Upside Down – Hanging Tomato PlantsUpside Down Tomato Grower – Can You Prune Tomato Plants ?Container Garden Ideas – How To Find FREE Containers For Your Vegetable GardenPros & Cons of the Black Plastic Used in Vegetable Gardening : Garden Space3 Unique Ideas Plastic Bottle Recycling Garden Ideas || planting in hanging bottles on wallShould I Cut Down my Tree to Grow a Vegetable Garden?

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  • Allie Hunter 1 week ago

    wow. impressive. love the comments on water restrictions.

  • Jean Allen 1 week ago

    Your garden is beautiful! Awesome job!!!!

  • Avril Lategan 1 week ago

    how do you cope with the wind with the upside down tomatoes? does the wind not damage them?

  • Southern Buzz 1 week ago

    Hey John… I grew up in Miramar. I go down to Hollywood all the time. Do you think I could get some of those drums to start my garden? I'll pick me up!

  • Amanda Gotro 1 week ago

    Your video is great, but maybe chill with the anti immigrant stuff; we're all human…just saying. But I like the details of growing. Thanks.

  • Tina Biffle 1 week ago

    you need ikea bags they are made out of tarps!

  • fuknsk8 now 1 week ago

    sweet garden

  • jar jar binks 1 week ago

    The Indians where probably bitching when you got there 50 years ago!!!

  • Toni Bartling 1 week ago

    Dude why aren't you covering the tops of all your pots with plastic? Just dome up the middle with dirt so the water drains, cut out a hole in the plastic for the plant to grow out of like you did with the upside ones, put tape or whatever around it to seal and there you go. Keeps out the water buddy. Your welcome:)

  • K00L VIDEOS 1 week ago

    Great video!! I grow spinach, cilantro and tomatoes in containers. Its great to grow your own even in tiny spaces…

  • Bullseye5477 1 week ago

    I really don't use buckets any more. When I did I would get them from restaurants or wherever. If you'll check out my newer videos you'll see I'm using half barrels now. Thanks for watching and feel free to subscribe.

  • C. Jackie Daniel 1 week ago

    where do you buy your buckets? I am looking for inexpensive ones somewhere.

  • Bullseye5477 1 week ago

    Thanks for your suggestion, I'll try that.

  • cyndie antonio 1 week ago

    did u try to put a pot of growing chive plant near the plant w/ aphids? experiment it if the aphids will go away

  • TheFrugal Gardener 1 week ago

    Just an FYI: Some of these reusable shopping bags contain a lot of lead.

  • Bullseye5477 1 week ago

    They aren't connected to anything. The water drains right through.

  • Bullseye5477 1 week ago

    Actually the BSO helicopter paid me a visit a couple of times hovering overhead for quite a few minutes.

  • john r 1 week ago

    And one more question! Are the toilets self watering? I mean do you fill the reservoir up and water from the bottom?

  • john r 1 week ago

    Nice job! How often does the gov fly over scoping your setup?

  • utuber 1 week ago

    With the heat wave we have had recently here in Sydney Australia, . . I know what you mean !!