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This is the third segment of the nearly four-hour meeting held at Washington Jefferson College in Washington Pennsylvania. The meeting was called by President Obama to determine the issues surrounding the drilling of Marcellus gas wells, especially those involved with the “fracking” process, in Pennsylvania and beyond. The panel chair is John Deutch, a former of the Central Intelligence Agency, Stephen Holditch, head of the petroleum engineering department at Texas A&M University, Mark Zoback, a geophysics professor at Stanford University and Senior Advisor ot Baker Hughes, Inc., a Houston-based oilfield services company, Kathleen McGinty, Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality during the Clinton Administration, now Senior Vice President of Weston Solutions, Inc., which consults for the oil and gas industry, Susan Tierney, Assistant Secretary of the Energy Department under President Clinton, now managing principle of Analysis Group, which consults for utilities that use natural gas and for the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, Daniel Yergtin, Pulitzer- Video Rating: / 5 Dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs) are chemical compounds that can contaminate soil and groundwater to the point of irreparability. These substances are only slightly soluble in water, and are much denser than water. Because of these characteristics, DNAPLs form separate liquid phases in groundwater, and because of their density, DNAPLs sink in aquifers instead of floating at the water table, making it extremely difficult to detect their presence. If left untreated in the ground, they can taint fresh water sources. Through the direction and guidance of Dr. Jacqueline Quinn, an environmental engineer in the Spaceport Engineering and Technology Directorate at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, a biodegradable environmental cleanup technology was developed to reductively dechlorinate DNAPL sources, created by a solvent for flushing rocket engines, at Launch Complex 34-home to several historic Saturn rocket launches. Quinn and […]

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