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Tower Garden Training Day 1011 Raw Vegan/Fruitarian/whatever/Lissatarian! GROWING MY OWN FOOD || ORGANIC HEIRLOOM || TOWER GARDEN || RAW VEGAN E-books (recipes and transition guide) + Skype Coaching + Guided Meditation: *********** Tower Garden: ******** Print books on Amazon: see links below SUPPLEMENTS I TAKE: K2 (sometimes): D3: B12: Essona Organics PowerShot (sometimes): FRUIT AND VEGGIE WASH: Video of my change here: WINTER EBOOK NOW AVAILABLE —– ————— 41 NEW RAW VEGAN WINTER?HOLIDAY RECIPES!!!! Including Meatloaf, Stuffing, Herbed Coconut “meat”, mashed veg and smoked bits with sour cream… desserts, drinks, and warm foods featuring the best of the season GET IT HERE: ———— ————– MY EBOOKS and PRINT BOOKS AVAILABLE NOW: ~ 30 Day Meal Plan with Recipes. Eat how I eat: ~ PAPERBACK VERSION OF THE MEAL PLAN AVAILABLE ON AMAZON ~ Click here: ~ 52 To a New You Guide to help you go raw vegan here: ~ ALL EBOOKS FOR SALE HERE: Comment if you have questions, and you can find me all over social media too: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: YouFood @rawfoodromance SnapChat lissarawvegan Fruit on!! xo Lissa Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow Food“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningVertical Gardening: Training Vines on How to Grow a Garden with ScarlettSchool Garden Teacher Training at OAECVertical garden training course in Argentina. Advanced techniques. Paisajismo Urbano, 2012Gidroponic. DIY Hydroponic Garden Tower The ULTIMATE hydroponic system growing over 100 plants in

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  • Countrychicvegan 3 months ago

    Your garden tower is lovely! We are lucky to have a large garden outside during the spring/summer but I want something like this through our cold winters! And that 7 Layer Dip looked amazing! Will you share that recipe soon?

  • Lovekarro 3 months ago

    Lissa, where did you get this indoor garden tower and how much it cost? I want to get one too :)!

  • Adria MacDonald 3 months ago

    Lissa's Raw Food Romance I have the same problem with eating cooked food! No one else I know has the same addiction response to cooked food. Eating raw calms me down every time. I just started what I'm calling the Sunny Raw Summer Challenge and eating raw for all 92 days of summer. I want to stay raw this time. I didn't do it long enough last time and derailed at the holidays. I succeed with shorter-term goals, so I'm working on building up just like I did when I became vegan.

    This green tower looks amazing! How long do the greens last without having to replant? It would be so worthwhile to have something like this, because greens get expensive when you eat them in the volume we eat!

  • Cheryl Ann 3 months ago

    Hi Lissa, thank you so much for making this video! I've been wanting a tower garden, but I am absolutely hopeless with plants. I'm wondering what the process is for choosing which plants to grow together in your tower.

  • Garland N 3 months ago

    I'm glad you made this real time tower garden video. I have seen many photos of them on Instagram and even one growing a 10ft high full tower crop of marijuana in Spain. Thank Lissa, love your garden.

  • Marie Falk 3 months ago

    I am in Sweden.I will se what they cost here.And if one can have them outdoors..I do not know if thats possible when its snowing..

  • Marie Falk 3 months ago

    how much this Tower garden cost? Is it hard to take care of?

  • Marie Falk 3 months ago

    does these greens grow for ever or must you plant new plants and if so how often?

  • Marie Falk 3 months ago

    how do one get the water from the kitcken or the bathroom with a long tube or what?

  • PlantBased4TheSoul 3 months ago

    Awesome. This is perfect for those who don't have their own garden. How much it cost?

  • SJ Calderon 3 months ago

    You not only peeked my interest when pollinating the female cucumber flower, but my 6 year old daughter's. very cool video on the indoor garden!

  • Eelke Aptroot 3 months ago

    Nice hydro setup! I grow some of my own herbs and greens on the balcony, nothing beats home-grown!

  • innershifttv 3 months ago

    So funny, I was just looking at the Garden Tower as I want to grow in soil. Bravo! Here is to fresh veg!

  • ayidas 3 months ago

    I absolutely love this! Great option is you are limited on space or sunlight!

  • Frutario Jason Kvestad 3 months ago

    You can get a good a,out of views if you make a individual video for pollinating cucumbers. Etc. I'm always watching such videos for fruit trees.

  • Frutario Jason Kvestad 3 months ago

    Entertaining video

  • Virginia Rebecca 3 months ago

    yeah!!!! I've been waiting for this video – fantastic!!!