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Video Rating: / 5 A 900m2 Greenroof at Mt Difficulty Wines’ new barrel store was completed in March 2012. The modular LiveRoof system by Stormwater360 New Zealand was installed in four days following a 3 month growing period at a local nursery. The greenroof uses a selection of locally sourced native grasses as well as local Thyme and stonecrop sedum. More information on this project and the LiveRoof system is available at Related PostsINNA – Club Rocker | Rock the Roof @ ParisMY ROOF IS FINISHED!!! I Can Finally Live Again!SECOND “Nivel inexperto” – Live the Roof Sevilla, 20/08/16Bush live on the roofU2 Beautyful Day live on a roof DublinJames Taylor – Up On The Roof (Live At The Beacon Theater)


Green Roofs


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  • Racerdude777 1 year ago

    Best lineup!

  • Thurst 1 year ago

    nananananana yeaaa

  • Alex Giallombardo 1 year ago

    why so much autotune?? Surely for a "modern sounding" effect on vocals.. but sorry, i don't like it!

  • Carlos Braga 1 year ago

    what a great performance and musicians,; simom is incredible beat drummer. the end of the song for me is the best part exacly when the drummer is playing on his left china cymbal ; last 24 bars

  • GraffitiPhysical 1 year ago

    Is Kimball back in the line-up? His voice is Toto for me anyway.

  • AURELIO GUEVARA 1 year ago

    can u send me a copy of rossana hold the line  and Africa???????

  • Levent Tosun 1 year ago

    toto sen bir efsanesin

  • jasper tillaar 1 year ago

    Better than the studio version

  • Sumair Bawa 1 year ago

    When Simon's playing during the final riff (7:50) I thought the drumstick would fly out of his left hand XD
    Nevertheless, phenomenal performance. Bobby's chorus just makes it better than the studio version, I don't give a shit about any autotune.

  • Seth Campbell 1 year ago

    While it may sound like it, I'm almost positive what some folks are hearing isn't auto tune. Sometimes, when you have people with similar voices singing exact unison, as Tony and Greg are doing here, the tiny variations in their timing create an effect that sounds astoundingly like an auto-tune correction. As a musician who's worked in lots of situations with multiple singers, I've experienced this first hand on numerous occasions. It can be kind of frightening, really. Notice that on the third pre-chorus, when Tony and Greg break unison on the line "Who'll put the pieces back," the "effect" seems to disappear. If you listen to other songs on this record that have no unison, you can hear at times that there is most definitely not auto tune, as (no offense to the talented singers involved) there are a few notes that are certainly not perfect. But hey, that's what happens live.

  • Matt S 1 year ago

    Taste that autotune….

  • Thomas Hauge 1 year ago

    I have no words. This is the most catchy music i have ever heard. Bobbys voice is so energic and joyfull! So much warmth in this bandsound!! <3 <3 <3

  • DisappearingBoy 1 year ago

    Wow…LOTTTTS of autotune on this.

  • T3R4N D14Z 1 year ago


  • Dixy Nail 1 year ago

    Gandalf rocks!

  • NICK SCHIRRIPA 1 year ago

    Drag Him To The Roof, or do you mean… BRING DOWN THE ROOF – LOVED IT !

  • Mario Gonzalez 1 year ago

    Shut up and take my money. 

  • FABRICE CHEUTIN 1 year ago

    What a musician !  These guys are fantastic. I do remember this great moment in 2007 ! Thank you all men, but too hard to wait European Tour in 2015 !!!  

  • claudio galoppini 1 year ago

    cavolo. a rock siamo quasi i deep purple ma che lavoro con Greg e Tony; grande Bobby nel ritornello; Lee Sklar al basso fa paura e Steve è indispensabile. Mi è mancato David Paich però bravo Greg  

  • claudio galoppini 1 year ago

    meglio nel finale con steve e leland