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The Wildlife World ‘Me and My Birds’ feeding kit is a great way for children to have fun and feed wild birds at the same time. The kit has all the tools and ingredients to make up a feeding log and a variety of hanging bird shapes. Video Rating: / 5 Learn how to make a Bonsai tree from a Bonsai starter kit with this movie. For more information, see: In this movie the tree steps of growing a Bonsai are explained; cultivation, training and care. Though Bonsai is a centuries-old form of art, getting started with this fascinating hobby is not at all that difficult! The tree in this movie is a Chamaecyparis plumosa. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsRHS Gardening for Wildlife teaser video30 Simple DIY Bird House Ideas – DIY Garden DecorationPLANES FOR KIDS VIDEO: Skipper Riley Model Kit Zvezda from Disney Cartoon Toys ReviewWildlife and Kid Friendly Water Conserving Garden: Robert Leeper designWildlife Garden : What Is a Green Roof?Landscape Design – School Wildlife ponds

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  • LTV249 10 months ago

    you don't need to do any of this just water and fertilize it. and from there it will just take care of yourself.

  • Malphar 10 months ago

    your video would be better if the expert on bonsai would talk even if it needed a translator

  • jayash gardening 10 months ago


  • Pip Koal 10 months ago

    That looks like a pro job

  • Morel Williams 10 months ago

    Thanks for posting, where can I get one though?

  • Michael Smith 10 months ago

    wohoo korean sub thx translater☞☜☞☜

  • laura ellao 10 months ago

    nice plants

  • Akshita Veerani 10 months ago

    how often do I water my bosai and how much water. Also my bomsai is exactly the same as the video.

  • nicomuse123 10 months ago

    I just bought a bonsai tree that is very small and the pot is about a little bit bigger than an iPhone. My tree isn't big at all looks very young, but if I want it to get bigger, should I just put the tiny tree in a bigger pot and go from there? Or will the tree get a little bit bigger even if it is in a small pot?

  • Rohit Chauhan 10 months ago

    very nicely explained…… pls suggest some plant that easily available and sustainable in north indian weather conditions.

  • dantang65 10 months ago


  • carson henahwke 10 months ago

    what is the point on the wire

  • Capt T 10 months ago

    Is that a juniper at 1:10?

  • Brianna Castillo 10 months ago

    Is this plant a good indoor bonsai? I'm assuming after you continuously prune it, it will stay that size as shown in the video? This would be an adorable mame bonsai :)

  • Life Outdoors 10 months ago

    Awesome video! take a look at our channel and let us know what you think of our trees we would appreciate it!

  • B Sai kumar Chowdary 10 months ago

    what is the use of it

  • RoadKillzine 10 months ago

    so buy a tree that when pruned in the style of a bonsai…looks like a bonsai tree… How do you prune to thicken the trunk on young tree's? I have a small Acer that I intend to get into a Broom style, it already has good ramification and shape but its just getting taller…do i just lop it off half way down and have no leaves and start again? Can someone tell me where an actual video of how to start a Bonsai is?

  • Renee Heesakkers 10 months ago

    Are you Dutch

  • Klyne B 10 months ago

    how many months do we have to wait before we can remove the wires?