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  • Manjaleu 9 months ago

    Alem de nojento é feio pra caramba

  • Nate Bomb 9 months ago

    even at 260 ish, thats too much for us poverty stricken so i was able to build two for 120$. might not be as fancy but….. i want to thank you and others for an awesome idea and design.

  • Mama Spooky 9 months ago

    right now they are being sold for 589.00, that's waaayy to much for a gardening planter. I'll wait till the payment on the machines is fulfilled and they sell for 200, even that's a lot, but for the amount of plants it can hold and the drainage drawer, It is a wonderful wonderful idea, don't get me wrong, but there are many innovative people on youtube that can make their own garden towers for under $20 dollars. I don't know… 

  • Wyatt Regan 9 months ago

    Does the middle compost area ever need to be emptied?

  • Tim Burrows 9 months ago

    How often does it need to be watered in a hot summer?

  • Sheila Mailett 9 months ago

    I went to the site and there is no unit as you claimed in your video for $200