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—— UPDATE: Garden Tower 2 JUST RELEASED: —— This animation demonstrates how the Garden Tower works and what it’s capable of offering. Video Rating: / 5 Rob from shows you the newest application for the AquaJet as he develops a vertical AquaJet for the Garden Tower 2 manufactured by The Garden Tower Project. Rob will show you how the Aquajet works in the tower and also explain the benefits of growing your greens in the newest version of the Garden Tower 2. It has a lot of great aspects for growing, water conservation and recycling nutrients back into the soil. For more detailed information on the Garden Tower 2 just go to Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsThe Vertical, Composting 50 Plant Patio Farm by Garden Tower Project YouTube 720pThe Future Vertical Composting Patio Farm: The Garden TowerThe Vertical Composting Container Garden By Garden Tower ProjectGarden Tower Project: The composting vertical Garden Tower!Garden Tower Project: The composting vertical Garden Tower!Garden Tower Project: The composting vertical Garden Tower!

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  • Garden Tower Project 1 year ago

    —— UPDATE: Garden Tower 2 JUST RELEASED: ——


    doesnt it make for roots of plants, fighting over space and when a certain plant is finished ,how do you pull the roots out with the plant so you can plant another seedling, when all the roots of 50 plants are intertwined together

  • Night Hiker 1 year ago

    What if you could hop in your car an drive and pick-up everything you need to start growing today. All at one place year round.

  • Night Hiker 1 year ago

    Shipping cost see a big road block,but it don't need to be.

  • Night Hiker 1 year ago

    In business there's a front door,a side door and a back door. How can you reach people who are not looking because they don't how they can get started today. Most americans have 10 minute of free time per day. I can change that.

  • Outa ThisWorld 1 year ago

    The only problem with this as an investment is the ease in which it is being copied by others making it hard to turn a profit. Do you have a patent on this yet?

  • CreazioniPinnacolo 1 year ago

    some very very small fish trimmings are ok

  • CreazioniPinnacolo 1 year ago

    no odor as long as you dont put meat in it.

  • RosesandAppleChips 1 year ago

    Question: is there any odor for my neighbors to complain about? The last thing I need is some busy body neighbor beating down my door complaining about odors.

  • Z71Ranger 1 year ago

    How come there are no video from you showing plants that are big and producing a crop? Is it because it don'e work very good or what?

  • Outa ThisWorld 1 year ago

    This will result in erosion of the dirt and exposure of the root systems to the detriment of the plants. Seems to me that a drip system would be more appropriate, not a jet of water. I hope you can understand my concerns.