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Get your copy of this complete story as an MP3 Audio Book or Video. Your favourite videos as 8 Hour mp3 downloads. 1 Hour HD Videos as mp4 downloads. Natures calming sounds and vision captured for your viewing pleasure. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnette. Connecting children with nature has become more important than ever. In fact it has become increasingly essential to reconnect everyone with nature. As more and more people move towards the cities and the distance between people and nature has increased dramatically, both through physical distance as well as physiological distance, it has become increasingly important to find any possible means of reconnecting. I have designed these videos specifically to assist people to connect with nature in a new way, blending tranquil nature scenes with wonderful readings of some of the worlds favourite classic novels from the past, stories that have shaped peoples imaginations for decades. These wonderful stories are ideal for children of all ages, including adults. I have carefully selected tranquil Nature scenes that have proven to assist thousands of people in many healing ways. The results of these positive effects can be seen in the thousands of testimonial messages left on my main channels videos. This channel is an extension of my wish to send positive energy out into the world through these peaceful videos. You can assist this project by sharing these videos, and purchasing any of my downloads on A collection of playlists you may find interesting 4 Hours of Nature Sounds Child of Nature uploads The Jungle Book The Wind In The Willows The Secret garden Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsRachel’s Day in the Garden – A Kids Yoga Stories Audio Yoga Book for KidsEnglish listening Practice – […]

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