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  • this song is even creepier sung by Texas Gladden

  • Tyler Noaker 7 months ago

    lol "it sour party"

  • Cheryl Read 7 months ago

    real music! don't find/hear them like this anymore

  • Adrian Dale 7 months ago

    2 songs running now about stabbing and drowning and straight up murder. I used to like these girls…

  • Chad Malone 7 months ago

    I have several of their LP's on disc!

  • sh0psmart 7 months ago

    I first heard this song on this album "Tradition Runs Deep: Blues,Folk, & Jazz"

  • musicbox193 7 months ago

    This is a good version but you should hear Run Boy Run's version

  • AMOKREUTZ 7 months ago

    yes yes yes i like it

  • Hiu M. Chan 7 months ago

    thank you for posting the whole album…what an album this is!