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Learn how to put a metal roof on your outbuilding by watching the professionals do it. It is a fairly easy Do-It-Yourself project if you have minimal skills (and and your not an Old Man!!). This new roof on the ItsyFarm barn took about a day and a half and I’m very glad I hired professionals to do it (because I’m an Old Man!). It is a typical metal roof used on farm buildings, and can be put over new construction using purlins between the roof trusses or rafters or can be applied over an existing shingle roof. Video Rating: / 5 Thank you for all the help and support!! More videos coming soon don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! -[Stuff to check out]- Watch my latest video: Follow my Twitter: My gaming channel: Third Channel: Buy T-shirts & more: FLuffee Gaming Live at: Send fan art or stories to: Business Contact only: -[The FLuffee Mobile Game]- IOS: Android: Related PostsSchool for the Arts gets a green roofIngram Micro Gets Company Logo Painted on their RoofHydro’s Green Roof Gets BeesDollar Tree DIY Pottery Barn Dupe Succulent WallBaby Chickadee Learning How To Fly, Fluttering To Old Red BarnDMV ARCHITECTURE – Grass Roof Farm Stall


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  • Tracy Scott 1 year ago

    That upper transition flashing looked very wavy in the video. And they tore off one side of shingles but left the other side on? They did give you an excellent price though. You got what you paid for!

  • bevyh1 1 year ago

    Nice looking job. I put a metal roof on a 14x 28 shed. I also helped put a metal roof on my 24×36 garage. Metal roof is a great way to go. I also put metal skirting over top t111 siding and it really looks good. I usually don't mined heights as long as I can keep one foot on the ground. lp

  • Rodolpho Sanchez 1 year ago

    Could anyone tell me how much that cost?

  • Fensterfarm Greenhouse 1 year ago

    That old barn is shaping up Karl! I will probably use sheet metal on my barn too!

  • Chadd Chevrolet 1 year ago

    The caulk job around the electrical post and the metal work of the ridge cap along with the joint on the gable trim is done crappy. The caulk from the sun will soon enough deteriorate and the ridge cap and gable trim is too easy to get right other the. How it is after they finished. Of course new factory straightened panels will look great. Its the seams that count along with install. I'd have them come do it right. 

  • Keyplayr61 Greenhouse Hydroponics And Gardens 1 year ago

    Looking good, Karl! That was a good roofing job!

  • Moby Dave 1 year ago


  • Sheila6325 1 year ago

    That is really beautiful, and I can't wait to see it when it's painted. I love a metal roof, and they sure did do a fantastic job. Are you going to do the window trim white, or do the entire building red? I bet having the windows white would sure make it "Pop"
    I just love any remodel, and this one is a huge "thumbs up" Blessings, Sheila

  • navajopa31 1 year ago

    Karl: I can tell from your voice that you are feeling better. They did a great job and it will last a long time. Spring is a coming! Rain today but nice weather for the next week. There is no way I could stand on the edge and screw the drip edge down like they did even when I was younger! Bernard

  • TheCajuntransplant 1 year ago

    That looks fabulous! I'm with you when it comes to climbing on a roof. NOT HAPPENING!

  • Some Southern Stuff 1 year ago

    If you have an outbuilding that you want to put a metal roof on, this will show you how it's done. It's an easy do it yourself project, and you see the pros do it here.

  • Jim's Inkspot 1 year ago

    LOL I was looking for something to watch and I see "FLuffee has a new roof" and above that was "So Virtual Reality P0rn is now a thing" and thought they were associated for a second.

    Ooo Ooo Ooo Could we be known as "Poofees"

  • Thecubenoob 1 year ago

    I would hire you for that job

  • Dancer- chan 1 year ago

    I'm not really good with setting dates, i always end up being late -___- i make fanfiction for example, i tell my readers i'll have an update by Tuesday but what i really mean is i'll have it updated by next Thursday T_T

  • Michelle Blackmore 1 year ago

    awww…good luck fluffee…I'm sure you would rock any job you get!

  • Sandy Grayson 1 year ago

    Love u 2222222222222222333333333333333233333333333333

  • Matt Rouge 1 year ago

    Looks good!

  • claudia davila 1 year ago

    aaawwww I'm part of the fluffee family ,:) I feel loved

  • Robbie Knowles 1 year ago

    you really like listening to yourself don't you probably think you're cool capitalize not once again get a job a real job sure your mom and dad have been telling you for years get a real job but you're the kind of guy that makes your girl work for you who's the girl

  • Bee Buining 1 year ago

    yo fluffee show the weirdes shit pls

  • johnathan scales 1 year ago

    you should name your fans the fluffinaters

  • misterfreehugs 1 year ago

    Your fan name should Fluffans ……rhymes with muffins.

  • visionisscary 1 year ago

    that roofing company tho…they really got one over on you

  • heidi schlupp 1 year ago

    I'm so happy not to lose u! I've been watching since the start and love your videos. Glad to be part of the fluffee family

  • Jessica Thatcher 1 year ago

    i have been a roofer for 18 years and its a good looking roof i have 1 question how did you get people to help you on gofundme I just had a brain aneurysm and tried that with no luck to help with my huge hospital bill any info would help please

  • AndyFromCALi 1 year ago

    Washer machine? Lol

  • Jason Martinez 1 year ago

    Woo FLuffeeFamily!


  • RottenRroses 1 year ago

    How about The Fluffers?

  • Josh Jensen 1 year ago

    be like tosh.o but better if he can do it so can you. or even short movie sketche. it talented enough u could make a movie or even a cartoon show