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Kelly Lambert, author of Biological Psychology, talks about what she hopes students will take away after reading her book. Kelly Lambert (Ph.D University of Georgia) authored Biological Psychology. Biological Psychology, while respecting the traditional content in biopsychology, introduces new and emerging themes that are redefining the field. Although behavioral neuroscience has many aspects, the theme of context is especially relevant and the introductory chapter of this text classifies as part of “context” both environmental and experiential factors that influence neurobiological variables. Through this “brain in context” approach, students will learn to appreciate the influential role of context in their brains’ continuous adaptation throughout their lives. Whether or not students continue in the discipline, this text will prepare them to be informed consumers of behavioral neuroscience information, resulting in a positive effect on their own neural and mental health. © Oxford University Press Sometimes one has to learn the hard way! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTo The Garden | Nina and Jeff learning about Fruits and Vegetables | CarrotLearning about composting for organic gardeningLearning More About Gardening and LandscapingGardening with Kids: How It Affects Your Child’s Brain, Body and SoulImportance of Gardening for Our Children & Our FutureLearn about Plants | Easy Learning for Children | Nursery Rhymes | Preschool | Kids | Kindergarten

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