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  • Don Juan Essay 10 months ago

    Ay i was in the video 3:05 Woo!!!!!

  • xXDeputy_D Gaming 10 months ago

    Thats me in the purple sunglasses!

  • Jay Highland 10 months ago

    All complete losers wanting an autograph from the ultimate loser

  • gilberto mendoza 10 months ago

    The outro was sick

  • gamingwithzachd9 10 months ago


  • motor head 10 months ago

    you remind me of my old band teacher mr segovia…he was a badass

  • CookieMonster2343 10 months ago

    you still lost tho

  • checkle1 10 months ago

    lol Hector, even with muscle growth you'll see lbs drop fast if you're diligent about your diet and exercise. I lost 30 lbs in 2 months before I started gaining weight from muscle growth and I was skinnier than you at the time. I was benching over 240 lbs and my chest was my weakest point. So what I'm saying is, don't use that muscle conversion excuse too much 😉 we're too old now to grow muscle that fast anyway.

  • jwvideos 10 months ago

    The green wall is for fuck boys.

  • H.Cruzz10 10 months ago

    Nigga said he's gone lose 10-15 pounds bitch SIKE you're just like boze your diet literally just lasts like 1 day

  • H.Cruzz10 10 months ago

    They did fall at champs tho wtf smh don't lie

  • ITS BLUE 10 months ago


  • SirPoopington 10 months ago

    He signed a poster that said cloud 9 beat optic

  • Trey Shaffer 10 months ago

    they may never fall. but they'll also never win cod champs

  • FaKeKryniK 10 months ago

    lmao everyone says optics fans are kids only, not one single kid in that autograph line

  • Harmotiix 10 months ago

    Love how Hecz paid the guy no mind who had the Cloud 9 Beat OpTic sign and had Cloud 9 crossed out just so he could get an autograph from the owner of OpTic that right there wasn't a real fan.

  • RICHARD SCHULTZ 10 months ago

    it fall at cod camps lol