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18+older. Indoor medical grow. 26 plants. 8k HPS. EXOTIC GENETICS!!! Fresh resins!!!!! LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!!!!!!!!!!! ☆ SHARE ☆ SHARE ☆ SHARE ☆ This is how easy it is to grow any plant from a cutting. Save money and add to your plant collection by growing your own plants from a cutting, it really is so easy. FaceBook Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponic Walkthrough Guide – Start your Indoor Garden with HydroponicHuge Harvest & Complete Walkthrough of The 100% Organic Vegetable Garden2013 Early May Albopepper Urban Garden Walk-throughTHE WORST AFTER SCHOOL JOBS | Bully Scholarship Edition #10 Let’s Play / WalkthroughPlants Vs Zombies:Great Wall Walkthrough Part 2 (China Version)Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 422 – Primal Wall-nut! (iOS)

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  • Sandra Bello 1 year ago

    Sale me some weed

  • Hanmo Sung 1 year ago

    y r u so fun to watch …. thumbs up

  • Noah funny 1 year ago

    Medical my ass

  • LunarX_Gaming 1 year ago

    amazing man 😉 can you show us more video when we see the weed like in this video :0 I live in France and it's rare for me to see weeds like this appreciate your videos man good job #420

  • mopkillergaming 1 year ago


  • density deep 1 year ago

    are you sure you are only smoking canabis

  • nk kean 1 year ago

    It's not medical once you finger bang the nugs lol

  • Obama LLama 1 year ago

    I have a Physics Exam tomorrow, and im stuck on the dudes channel XD

  • John Paul 1 year ago

    your on ice u idiot stop puttn us good people in your hard barsket

  • April TRE 1 year ago

    eeewwww powder mildew at 3:12

  • FoxFarm911 1 year ago

    Whats the yield on that grow

  • derrick hess 1 year ago

    I have a plant growing with a CFL light bulb. Will it grow good with that kind of light?

  • samual herrera 1 year ago

    How do I get sponsored jollie @CustomGrow420

  • nlr433 1 year ago

    Hey Brother,
    Great work. Love the room and the runoff collection. Would love to see how your irrigation system works. Those 3/8" lines off the pvc look like their the way to go. Curious why you went with 2" pvc though, seems overkill. Would love to hear your take. Happy growing!

  • scagrag 1 year ago

    oh man, it must be soooo nice to live in a legal state, some sweet fresh shit everytime. we're about to legalize medical here in Louisiana but, according to what I've read they're only going to allow glaucoma patients, cancer/chemotherapy patients, and paraplegics to take advantage. with any hope though, we'll follow in the footsteps of Colorado and Washington and legalize the recreational.

  • Dwain Ellsworth 1 year ago

    gotta love 100% legal weed in washington!

  • Kodiake Ogle 1 year ago

    Take avanage of that shit

  • 1FuZzToNe1 1 year ago

    'Snake swamp skunky funk'

  • TH3C1PH3R 1 year ago

    Judging from the perspiration you were very high when you made this video and that is AWESOME!!!

  • LegendEx 1 year ago

    If Joel responded to this comment i will literally drop down and start crying

  • John Coffee 1 year ago

    Thanks for the advice.I like your no nonsence attitude :)

  • mendesb76 1 year ago

    Thanks man I'm sure u grow some weed too haha

  • Garvey Harris 1 year ago

    thank you

  • Rio Ailes 1 year ago

    gonna try it for our malunggay tree ..thank u from phil

  • hemraj thapa 1 year ago

    gud one mate u explained very nicely

  • Catnip2011 1 year ago

    Agreed, those rooting hormone powder never worked, just a waste of money.

  • Jacinth Eng 1 year ago

    I will try, thanks! Hopefully they will grow..before that many of them died..

  • Trevor Barron 1 year ago

    new growth works well too, it doesnt need to be an old cutting.

  • Sharp Shooter 1 year ago

    Thank you for this simple video! 🙂 I just got some cuttings of Lavatera today going to do what you said! I do actually have some rooting powder, never used it before may try it and see what happens! :-)

  • Kirk McLoren 1 year ago

    good on ya

  • Joe Stolzenberger 1 year ago


  • London O Cromwell 1 year ago

    this motherfucker crazy as fuck…

  • Boo Parent 1 year ago

    YOU ARE ADORABLE!!! Thank you!! I'm off to go hunting for new plants lol ;)

  • anienterprises 2016 1 year ago

    is it possible for Barbados cherry ….

  • Amanda Neville 1 year ago

    thanks so much for this!!! I'm excited

  • Truth Hurts 1 year ago

    Thank you 😀 helped me with with my science exam :D

  • Bob Doubter 1 year ago

    Good video.  The part about scrapping the bark is news to me and I'll try it next time.  I agree with the part about not using transplant powder or anything else, just very loose soil, water, and a cool but bright environment which this video did not cover.

  • Koala Bear 1 year ago

    should do a video on aloe vera

  • Mary Miron 1 year ago

    What was the name of the lavender shrub?

  • Carlene Harrison 1 year ago

    lovely video. put a smile on my face