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Check out my NEW MP3 Players pre-loaded with 22 meditations: MP3 DOUBLE GUIDED MEDITATION available here for purchase: A Fairy & Leprechaun Spoken word Guided Meditation for Children ( suitable for 5- 9 + years of age) This is an ideal meditation for kids at bedtime. Helps kids to relax, let go and eventually… sleep! Gets their creative juices flowing too. Voice: Jason Stephenson Music: Copyright Spire Audio (Christopher Lloyd Clarke) Available from Written By Amelia Schmelzer First broadcasted on the 29th January 1967 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGuided Meditation for Children | The FAIRY GARDEN | Kids RelaxationRAPUNZEL Story for Kids in English | Fairy Tales for Children | Full StoryFrom Root to Flower | Cartoon for kids | Fairy Tale | Story for Children | Stories for KidsThe Incredible Growing Plant | Cartoon for kids | Fairy Tale | Story for Children | Stories for KidsGardening as MeditationMATTRESS FIRM: “A Restful Night’s Sleep Series” – YuMe Technology

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  • Trickshots Beast 11 months ago

    What she said

  • Maria Nazur 11 months ago

    Is meditation agents God my cousin thinks

  • Romany Burns 11 months ago

    listen to it every night

  • Romany Burns 11 months ago

    I fall asleep straight away and my music carries on till I wake up to turn it off

  • Madison Hernandez 11 months ago

    my sister and i have a hard time falling asleep so i thank u for helping us improve our anxiety.

  • Nurture the Nest 11 months ago

    Jason you have been part of our every day life for the last 2 years thanks to your amazing gift. I will never be able to thank you enough. You are one of the angels walking this earth x

  • Joanne light of love 11 months ago

    Really lovely and relaxing. My three children and I listen to lots of your guided meditations. It's a fantastic way to bond and help them to relax, release stress and use their imaginations. Thank you x

  • Luke Emery 11 months ago


  • Katie Edwards 11 months ago

    my 5 year old and 2 year old fall asleep within ten mins of these kids meditating story's .. it's made bed time easy and relaxing.. maybe a little to relaxing as I also find myself drifting off lol x thank you Katie from London UK

  • Steven & Bobbi Heiner 11 months ago

    love these it has helped my lil ones go to bed a lot faster and have a lot better night sleep.

  • Sumer Ford 11 months ago

    My 5 year old struggles with ADHD. Every night used to be filled with fighting, crying, and telling. Now, he's calm, relaxed, and asleep in 10 mins. We no longer dread bedtime and even look forward to it now! I love these meditations!!!!

  • Trixe fan !!!! 11 months ago

    Good night

  • Crimson witch 11 months ago

    My daughter loves this…. Thank you…

  • Reed Rounsville 11 months ago

    I love it I'm 10 years old and we I was 8 I would have a hard time getting to sleep I would stay up to 2 hours and now I get to sleep at 9:30 :)

  • Simon Viouchskie 11 months ago

    brings back lots of memories