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In the Know with Doctor Now! Doctor Now explores Automated Farms and Vertical Farms. VP of Hortitecture Paul Hardej spoke at Indoor Ag-Con, held in Las Vegas, NV. Paul discusses how LED lighting is changing the game in the greenhouse and vertical farming industries. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAeroponic Soilless Growing Review AERO Development Corp – Hudson Valley Vertical Farms NYThe Minecraft Garage Show – #04: Vertical Farming!Vertical Hydroponic Lettuce Experiment – Week 6 – HydroVert FarmsVertical Farming in Kakaako – Kerry KakazuCities: Skylines Mass Transit | PART 21 | VERTICAL FARMSHorizontal vs Vertical Planes: Airflow in Vertical Farms

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  • Michael Price 1 year ago

    And why would you use the energy to grow plants when you can just USE THE SUN. Whatever your energy source it's going to cost resources and in an ACTUAL Resource Based Economy would care about that. So why doesn't TVP bother? Because it's not about using resources efficiently but simply assuming that they are infinite. That's why the most important thing TVPers can understand is that they're stupid and know nothing. Sorry if you think this is a personal attack but it is true.

  • Andrew Frankovitch 1 year ago

    Okay, lets just say humans never figure out efficient solar panels, ever. There are plenty of other power sources, such as geothermal energy. Have you noticed that half your posts are personal attacks?

  • Michael Price 1 year ago

    They can't collect more light than simply letting the crops grow on the ground. There is no point making vertical farms if all you're going to do is cover MORE than the equivalent area in solar panels. Why not just let the light in directly? This is why I think TVPers are stupid, they simply don't get, well anything. There is literally nothing they don't already believe that they can be logically arguing into.

  • Andrew Frankovitch 1 year ago

    Hey there! The solar panels in strategic places can collect the light not spilling on the plants though the windows and be used to power robotics, pumps, distribution subsection alpha 7… Or hey collect sunlight energy and supplement when the weather is bad.

  • Michael Price 1 year ago

    Solar panels to absorb light, convert it to electricity at less than 18% efficiency, convert it back to light at something less than 50% efficiency for a total 9% efficiency or about 11 times less than simply letting the sun just shine on the crops. You TVP guys really have no idea how to use resources.

  • lucifer2b666 1 year ago

    watched all of your videos and want more! no just kidding, just keep up the good work doc…

  • GeneralBlackNorway 1 year ago

    And then we have hydro power, wind power, solar power, wave power, mixing water with salt water power. Also the nuclear power can be made safer as well. Though of course after the Fukushima incident it has less popularity but they still build more. Also there is being done research on nuclear power plants that use thorium instead of uranium. Apparently such a power plant cant have melt down they say. And Norway have the 4th largest deposit of thorium. It will be like the new oil 😀

  • Noxictyz 1 year ago

    I must say, well chosen word and very pedagogic!

  • Noxictyz 1 year ago

    @sliplocke What does decrease human reproduction: Higher education about how the world works, more access to healthcare and the removal of the need to reproduce b/c the family need more labour power. The last one is the biggest factor in the 3:rd world where one more person getting water each day is essential for a family to survive.

  • maddmuppetonacid 1 year ago

    Interesting, radical theory; it is possible to do this, i would of thought with a more radical designed building. Possibly hollow, courtyards etc. Unfortunately the world is run by satanists, so it's not going to happen until, were rid of these "leaders".

  • kikokazuma 1 year ago

    @sliplocke If most people were properly educated on the problems with overpopulation they may stop wanting to have children for the hell of it. Most people today do not know why they choose to have children, or lack a good reason for doing so.

  • IntuitiveLeap 1 year ago

    @sliplocke I'd suggest including a short lesson in class, near this one, focusing on 'the exponential function' or 7% growth per annum. Perhaps if young humans learned the effects of the exponential function on population growth, among other things, the problem would be lessened merely by that education.

  • Vexblackheart 1 year ago

    "Change is the only constant and sustainability goes against everything that is natural. "

    There is no Utopia or Perfect.
    Entropy *IS* a natural phenomenon. But that doesn't mean we can't repair as we go.

  • blaziermissy 1 year ago

    @sliplocke It's not a matter of "controling" human beings, it's a matter of understanding that our culture values have to change for sustainabillity. Our economic system is not sustainable either….resources grabbing to keep the economic system going is insane..

  • blaziermissy 1 year ago

    @sliplocke Make it a point to understand how our economic system by design creates the behavior….creating the majority of problems. Our educ props up traditional power…

    We can't blame it on our basic instincts and primacy..

  • blaziermissy 1 year ago

    @sliplocke You're thinking in terms of our present day economic system. With a RBE access to a very high educ where it would be common place to educ ALL, & actually learn our relationship to the planet mindless reproduction would decrease. Also, profit aside, no use for duplicated businesses and such, more space is available, and tech to build cities in the sea and desert will also be a possibillity.
    Our system today promotes "growth" A RBE which promotes "sustainability."

  • pianomist 1 year ago

    Referring to the overpopulation topic, we can address this issue. We just have to drop our cultural indoctrinations. Not all of us have to have children… and with the rate we're going… it is highly recommended that we don't. It takes education/environment to break the indoctrination of this mind set of having a spouse, some kids, white picket fence… etc. And, I'd say that most children aren't planned anyway. It's human behavior we have to address, in this way. I could go on but, ran out…

  • DoctorNowShow 1 year ago

    This is a great point. Overpopulation could become a serious issue.
    The amount of room we have on our planet is a finite resource. Of course there is always on the ocean, under the ocean and in space… But I agree that procreation is an important issue that needs to be addressed intelligently.

  • eryk sun 1 year ago

    The world currently cultivates around 15 trillion m^2 of land for food, which could maybe be done for 5 trillion m^2 on a vegan diet. Say a given floorspace of this stacked greenhouse has 10 times the capacity of cultivated land and we could build at a 90% discount (about $150/m^2), that's 75 trillion USD — about 125% of the total world GDP. Say each greenhouse has 10,000 m^2 of floor space. You'd have to construct 50 million of them. I think this is feasible over a decade.

  • MUPartee 1 year ago