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From Napa Valley to Germany, you shared how your city inspires healthy habits. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsChris Beardshaw’s Healthy Cities Garden for Morgan Stanley – 2015 Chelsea Flower ShowDesigning Healthy Cities PBS Television Series PreviewSpectacular Sustainable Homes, Green Roofs for Healthy CitiesHealthy CitiesGreen Roofs for Healthy Cities, Spectacular Sustainable HomesHealthy Cities Tutoring Volunteer Reception 2017


Green Roofs



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  • John Reinhold 1 year ago

    What the fuck is this bullshit? NYC is healthy? San Diego? Don't make me laugh.

  • biscuit 1 year ago

    How is Austin Texas not listed

  • drjacko1 1 year ago

    NYC is healthy????

  • swoll1980 1 year ago

    What did they use to measure "healthiness"? It sure as hell wasn't mental health, because an extraordinary number of people in NYC are on SSRIs.

  • Nadia Lynch 1 year ago

    Las Vegas #1 & San Diego #2 :)

  • 0S7VN0 1 year ago

    didnt mention Portland Oregon, or Boulder Colorado, therefore this list is invalid… 

  • natefeez2 1 year ago

    Yeah…we're going to need to be healthy running from a militarized police state.

  • ciel222 1 year ago

    Yes indeed New York City , people walk a lot .
     Because of how the city is , You have to walk .

  • Robert Power 1 year ago

    i'm going to bring my illegal organ transplant business model to this city just to help my sick rich clientele, THANK YOU so much CNN !!!!!